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| Spouse =
| Spouse =
| Place_of_Birth =
| Place_of_Birth =
| Date_of_Birth = Around [[277 AL]]<ref>[[A Clash of Kings]], [[A Clash of Kings-Chapter 31|Chapter 31]], Catelyn</ref>
| Date_of_Birth = Around {{Date|277}}<ref>[[A Clash of Kings]], [[A Clash of Kings-Chapter 31|Chapter 31]], Catelyn</ref>
| Place_of_Death = Near [[Storm's End]]
| Place_of_Death = Near [[Storm's End]]
| Date_of_Death = [[299 AL]]
| Date_of_Death = {{Date|299}}
| Books = [[A Game of Thrones]] (Appears)<br>[[A Clash of Kings]] (Appears)<br>[[A Storm of Swords]] (Mentioned)<br>[[A Feast for Crows]] (Mentioned)
| Books = [[A Game of Thrones]] (Appears)<br>[[A Clash of Kings]] (Appears)<br>[[A Storm of Swords]] (Mentioned)<br>[[A Feast for Crows]] (Mentioned)
| coat-of-arms =
| coat-of-arms =

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Robar Royce
Rainbow Guard.PNG
Chris Dien. © Fantasy Flight Games
Ser Robar Royce - by Chris Dien. © Fantasy Flight Games

Alias Robar the Red
Title Ser

House Royce

Rainbow Guard
Born In Around 277 AC[1]
Died In 299 AC, at Near Storm's End
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (Appears)
A Clash of Kings (Appears)
A Storm of Swords (Mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (Mentioned)

Ser Robar Royce, also known as Robar the Red, is the second son of Lord Yohn Royce.


Robar is "comely in a rough-hewn way". He is a good tourney warrior and a very good swordsman.[2][3]

Catelyn Tully thinks that Ser Robar and the company he keeps are young and foolish because they see war as a game.[4]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Ser Robar attends the Tourney of the Hand in King's Landing with his father, Lord Yohn and his elder brother, Ser Andar. The Royces wear steel armor with bronze runes. He defeats Lothor Brune and is defeated in turn by Ser Loras Tyrell.[5]

After Eddard Stark decides to send a party to bring Gregor Clegane to justice for raiding the Riverlands, he sends Ser Robar to the Kingswood to inform the king (and his father) of this. [6]

A Clash of Kings

As a second son Robar has to make his own name, so he decides to support Renly's claim to the throne. Renly appoints him to his Rainbow Guard as Robar the Red. When Catelyn Stark attends the feast near Bitterbridge, Lord Bryce the Orange goads him into juggling daggers. On the eve of the battle between the brothers Renly I and Stannis I, he escorts Catelyn from Renly's camp to the sept and back.[7]

Seconds after the murder of Renly, Robar the Red and Emmon the Yellow burst into the tent and find Renly's dead body in the arms of Brienne the Blue. They both think that Brienne has killed Renly, and Ser Emmon and others attack her. Catelyn, who has seen the murder, is able to convince Ser Robar that Brienne is innocent. Robar tells Catelyn to take Brienne away and holds the attackers at bay.[8] Catelyn and Brienne depart. Ser Loras Tyrell later kills Ser Robar and Ser Emmon Cuy in a red rage for their "failure" to protect the king.[9]

A Storm of Swords

Loras Tyrell later recalls that he killed Robar and Emmon in his rage.[10][11]



References and Notes