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Robb Rivers
House Blackwood.png
The Bastard of Blackwood.png
Alias Red Robb Rivers
The Bowman of Raventree
Allegiance House Blackwood
The blacks
Born At The Riverlands
Book(s) The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)

Robb Rivers, known as Red Robb Rivers and the Bowman of Raventree, was a bastard of House Blackwood of Raventree Hall.[1]


One of the blacks, Robb brought three hundred archers to the Battle by the Lakeshore during the Dance of the Dragons. Caught by armies from the Riverlands and the North, Lord Lefford sent ravens to Prince Aemond Targaryen at Harrenhal for assistance. However, Robb used his archery to prevent any of the ravens from reaching Aemond.[1]


Though a dozen birds took wing, not one ever reached the prince; Red Robb Rivers, said to be the finest archer in all Westeros, took them down on the wing.[1]

- Archmaester Gyldayn writing of the Battle by the Lakeshore

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