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Robert Arryn
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Alias Sweetrobin
True Warden of the East
Title Lord of the Eyrie
Defender of the Vale
Warden of the East
Allegiance House Arryn
Culture Valemen
Born In 292 AC[1]
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appears)
A Clash of Kings (mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (appears)
A Feast for Crows (appears)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Played by Lino Facioli
TV series Season 1 | Season 4 | Season 5 | Season 6

Robert Arryn, also known as Sweetrobin, is the only son of Lord Jon Arryn and Lady Lysa Tully. He is the new head of House Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie, Defender of the Vale, and Warden of the East.

Robert is named after King Robert I Baratheon.[2] In the television adaptation Game of Thrones the character is named Robin Arryn to prevent confusion with the king, and he is played by Lino Facioli.

Appearance and Character

Robert is a sickly, whiny, and spoilt child of six. He is small and pale with brown hair and big eyes.[3] His hair later grows very long.[4]

Robert is afflicted with a disease that causes frequent seizures. Maester Colemon bleeds him frequently and often administers a painkiller during his fits that, if used continuously, has an increasing level of toxicity. He is intellectually and physically stunted, and is not weaned from his mother's breast.

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Robert became Lord of the Vale upon the death of his father, Lord Jon Arryn, but does not receive his father's title of Warden of the East, as King Robert I Baratheon grants it instead to Ser Jaime Lannister.[2][5] The court at the Eyrie instead refers to Robert Arryn as the True Warden of the East.[3]

Before his ascension, Lord Tywin Lannister offered to take young Robert as his ward, something he had never offered to anyone else. Eddard Stark suspects Tywin made this offer in order to seize Robert Arryn as a hostage. Robert Baratheon planned to accept the offer but Lady Lysa Arryn fled from King's Landing to the Vale with her son to avoid this.[2]

Robert's mother, Lady Lysa, rules the Vale as regent in his name, but makes no effort to school him in the governance of his realm. He presides over the trial of Tyrion Lannister for the attempted murder of Bran Stark. He is upset when Bronn defeats Ser Vardis Egen in Tyrion's trial by combat as he wanted to "make him fly" through the Moon Door.[6]

A Storm of Swords

Tywin, the Hand of the King, agrees to restores the title of Warden of the East to House Arryn, in return for Petyr Baelish marrying Robert's widowed mother, Lysa, and bringing the Vale to the king's peace.[7]

Following the death of King Joffrey I Baratheon at his royal wedding, Petyr smuggles Sansa Stark to the Fingers, where he marries Lysa. Lady Arryn tells Sansa that she intends to marry her to Robert once Sansa's husband, Tyrion Lannister, is executed for Joffrey's murder.[8]

At the Eyrie, Robert uses his doll to destroy the snow castle replica of Winterfell made by his cousin, Sansa Stark, in her guise of Alayne Stone. When Sansa rips the doll, Robert has a fit and is taken away by Maester Colemon. After an altercation between Sansa and Lysa, Petyr pushes Lysa through the Moon Door and blames Marillion.[9]

A Feast for Crows

Upon the death of Robert's mother, Petyr Baelish assumes the position of Lord Protector of the Vale, and claims the rule of the Vale of Arryn and the guardianship of Lord Robert through his brief marriage to Lysa. Several of the more prominent nobles of the Vale sign a declaration to oust Petyr from the Eyrie and assume the rearing and training of Robert Arryn, calling themselves the Lords Declarant.[10][11]

Robert has become even more emotional and unstable after his mother's death, and has become highly attached to Sansa, who has taken on a surrogate maternal role with regards to him. Robert states he is unable to sleep because of the singing of the maimed Marillion. At Petyr's suggestion, Maester Colemon has been using sweetsleep to treat Robert's seizures, although he is also worried about the potentially fatal side-effects of using it too often.[12][11][13]

Petyr invites Gyles Grafton and Terrance Lynderly to be companions for Robert.[11] With the approach of winter, the Arryn court descends from the Eyrie to the Gates of the Moon. Sansa and Mya Stone help the scared Robert down the Giant's Lance. Once at the Gates of the Moon, however, Petyr tells Sansa he intends to marry her to Harrold Hardyng once the sickly Robert inevitably dies.[13]

The Winds of Winter

Robert tells Sansa he wants to marry her, but she says he can't as she is baseborn. Robert doesn't like his cousin Harrold, thinking they are waiting for him to die so they can take over the Eyrie.

Conflicting accounts about plans for fostering Robert Arryn

In the early books, various characters give conflicting accounts on whether Robert was meant to be fostered by Stannis Baratheon at Dragonstone or instead by House Lannister at Casterly Rock, suggesting some change of plans linked to his father's death.

  • Queen Cersei Lannister seems to believe that Jon Arryn also wanted Tywin Lannister to foster Robert, and states that Lysa Arryn fled to the Eyrie with her son.[14]
  • A potboy that used to work for Jon Arryn believes though that shortly before his death Jon Arryn was planning for Stannis Baratheon to foster Robert at Dragonstone.[15]
  • Ser Brynden Tully believes that arrangements were made for Robert to be raised in Casterly Rock and makes no mention of Dragonstone.[3]
  • Maester Colemon agrees with the version that claims Dragonstone for Robert's fostering and insists that it is so, despite hearing a conflicting history from Lysa Arryn, by way of Catelyn Stark.[6]
  • Lord Walder Frey, too, insists that Jon Arryn had made arrangements to raise Robert at Dragonstone and not Casterly Rock.[16] Catelyn Stark grows uneasy at having that statement reinforced once again, all the more so because Walder affirms that Lysa was well aware of those plans, albeit strongly opposed to them as well.[16] If Walder is saying the truth, then Lysa lied to her (and presumably to the Blackfish as well).
  • Lady Lysa Arryn eventually admits to know both of Jon Arryn's desire to send Robert Arryn to Dragonstone and of Robert Baratheon's plans to send him to Casterly Rock; she seems to believe that the latter is motivated by a request from Cersei.[9]

As the history stands at the end of A Dance with Dragons, it would seem that Jon Arryn did plan to send Robert Arryn to Dragonstone to protect him from his enemies, but Queen Cersei found out and convinced King Robert I to interfere and send young Robert to Casterly Rock instead. The main evidence is her conversation with Ser Jaime Lannister in the Red Keep.[14] It would seem that Jaime is unaware of the original Dragonstone plans.

Quotes by Robert

The bad little man. Mother, can I make him fly? I want to see him fly.[6]

- Robert to Lysa Arryn

Alayne: Sweetrobin, I'm scared. Hold my hand, and help me get across. I know you're not scared.

Robert: I'm not?
Alayne: Not you. You're my winged knight, Ser Sweetrobin.
Robert: The Winged Knight could fly.

Alayne: Higher than the mountains.[13]

- Alayne Stone (Sansa Stark) and Robert

Quotes about Robert

Lord Robert. Six years old, sickly, and prone to weep if you take his dolls away. Jon Arryn's trueborn heir, by all the gods, yet there are some who say he is too weak to sit his father's seat.[3]

Brynden Tully to Catelyn Stark

Isn't he beautiful? And strong too, don't you believe the things you hear. Jon knew. The seed is strong, he told me. His last words. He kept saying Robert's name, and he grabbed my arm so hard he left marks. Tell them, the seed is strong. His seed. He wanted everyone to know what a good strong boy my baby was going to be.[3]

Lysa Arryn to Catelyn Stark

The boy is weak and sickly.[17]

Stannis Baratheon to Cressen

Arryn won't live long enough to breed.[19]

Jaime Lannister to Genna Lannister

When Robert dies. Our poor brave Sweetrobin is such a sickly boy, it is only a matter of time.[13]

Petyr Baelish to Sansa Stark


six other daughters
and a son

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