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Allegiance Nettles
Race Dragon
Book(s) The Princess and the Queen

Sheepstealer was a wild dragon during the Dance of the Dragons with a taste for mutton.[1] It lived at the back of Dragonmont and would hunt between Driftmark and Wendwater. The smallfolk of Dragonstone named it for a self-evident reason. He is one of three wild dragons with Cannibal and Grey Ghost.[1]


Sheepstealer's coloring was an ugly "mud brown". He was hatched when the Old King was young, which would put him around 80 years old at the time of the civil war.[1]


Jacaerys Velaryon called for dragonriders during the Dance of the Dragons. Silver Denys, a man who claimed to be a descendent of King Maegor, tried to master the dragon. Sheepstealer tore off the man's arm but was chased off by the Cannibal before he could finish Silver.[1]

During the taming, Sheepstealer killed more seeds that the other two wild dragons combined. Alyn of Hull tried to tame him, but received a burnt cloak for his troubles.[1]

A bastard girl named Netty finally tamed him by feeding him a sheep every morning.[1]

When Rhaenyra Targaryen named Nettles a traitor for taking Daemon Targaryen to bed, Nettles was allowed to flee. They were never seen again.[1]

Known dragonriders of Sheepstealer

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