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| Place_of_Death =
| Place_of_Death =
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| Date_of_Death  =
| Books          = [[The Hedge Knight]]<br> [[The Sworn Sword]]
| Books          = [[The Sworn Sword]]
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| coat-of-arms  =

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Shiera Seastar
Sheria Seastar.jpg
Shiera by Amoka©

Allegiance House Targaryen
Culture Westeros
Book(s) The Sworn Sword

Shiera Seastar was the last of the Great Bastards of Aegon IV. She was famous for her beauty.

Character and appearance

Shiera was renowned as a famous beauty and seductress, with long Targaryen silver-gold hair, and a heart-shaped face. Although she had two mismatched eyes, (one blue, the other green), it was said that the "defect" only enhanced her beauty. She was a great reader, even at an early age, spoke many languages, and maintained a large and arcane library. She also was reputed to share her mother's skill in the dark arts.[1]


Her father sired her upon the ninth and last of his mistresses, Lady Serenei of Lys, the last daughter of an ancient but impoverished line of Valyrian nobility. Shiera's mother was disliked by Aegon's courtiers and considered cold and haughty; it was rumored that she was much older than the king, practicing dark arts to retain her youth and beauty. Serenei was considered by many the most lovely of Aegon's mistresses. She died in childbed, bringing forth Shiera, her name meaning "Star of the Sea."[1]

Shiera never married, but took many lovers, and numerous duels were fought for her favor. Her half-brother Bloodraven was her most ardent suitor, and repeatedly proposed marriage to her. Although she refused to marry him, she did share her bed with him.[1] Her other half-brother Bittersteel was said to have also desired her, which only served to increase the hatred between Bloodraven and Bittersteel.

Her relationship with Bloodraven was widely known, and there were rumors that she bathed in the blood of maidens to retain her beauty.[2] She was known to possess a famous necklace, alternating sapphires and emeralds to compliment her unusual eyes.


Aegon IV
of Tyrosh
Two sons
Aegor Rivers

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