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The sigil of House Lynderly depicts green serpents.

The snake is similar to a real life snake.

Breeds and range

Different species of snakes exist in the known world, such as banded snake,[1] black adder,[2] cobra,[3] milk snake,[4] spitting snake,[5] striped snake,[6] viper,[7] water snake,[8] and white snake.[9]

According to Ser Eustace Hightower, a hundred different sorts of snakes lives on the continent of Sothoryos.[10]


Westerosi sigils depicting snakes include those of Houses Gargalen, Lynderly, Paege, Saltcliffe, Wydman, and Wyl.[11]

Snakewood is the seat of House Lynderly as well as a forest in the Vale of Arryn.[12][13]

A serpent god is worshipped in the lost city of Lyber.[14]

Dornishmen are fond of adding snake venom to their wine[10] and food.[15] As a result they are often compared to snakes by other Westerosi.[16][10]

Princess Arianne Martell owns an ornate snake bracelet with copper and gold scales.[15]

Slender pole boats, known as serpent boats, are used to move through Braavos's canals.[17][18][19]

A mystery knight known as The Serpent in Scalet entered the tourney at the Golden Wedding and was ultimitely revealed to be Jonquil Darke, the bastard daughter of Lord Darklyn.[20] Lord Corlys Velaryon was the greatest seafarer the Seven Kingdoms had ever known.[21] He was best known as the Sea Snake, a nickname he got from his ship.[22] Lady Serala of Myr was known as The Lace Serpent.[23] Prince Oberyn Martell earns his nickname The Red Viper after using poisoned blades during a duel to first blood with Lord Edgar Yronwood, killing the old lord in the process.[24] Oberyn's eight bastard daughters are collectively known as the Sand Snakes.[15] Stonesnake is a veteran ranger of the Night's Watch.[25] Senerra She-Snake is a pit fighter in Meereen.[26]


After being captured, Ser Aemon Targaryen was put naked in a crow cage above a pit filled with vipers by Lord Wyl.[27]

Prince Oberyn Martell taught his daughter, Tyene Sand, how to milk viper venom.[7]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

After fleeing King's Landing, Arya Stark repeats to herself phrases Syrio Forel taught her, "Quick as a snake." being one of them.[28][8][29]

A Storm of Swords

Lady Olenna Tyrell refer to Oberyn Martell's longtime paramour as the serpent's whore.[30]

A Dance with Dragons

During her walk of atonement, Cersei Lannister sees a whore with a huge striped snake draped about breasts and shoulders.[6]


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