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'''Steely Pate''' was a blacksmith in the reign of [[Daeron II]].  
'''Steely Pate''' was a blacksmith in the reign of [[Daeron II Targaryen]].  
==Appearance and Character==
==Appearance and Character==

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Steely Pate
Steely Pate.jpg
Steely Pate by Amok ©Roaring Studios

Book(s) The Hedge Knight (appears)
The Mystery Knight (mentioned)

Steely Pate was a blacksmith in the reign of Daeron II Targaryen.

Appearance and Character

He was a short man, no more than five feet tall. He had a thick chest and arms and huge hands. He wore a black beard and was not considered humble.[1]


Steely Pate sold Ser Duncan the Tall his new armor at the Ashford Tourney.[1]

Ser Duncan lost the armor that Steely Pate had made for him after losing to Ser Uthor Underleaf at the Whitewalls Tourney.[2]

References and Notes