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[[Category:Characters from the Riverlands|Frey, Stevron]]
[[Category:Characters from the Riverlands|Frey, Stevron]]
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[[Category:House Frey]]
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Ser Stevron Frey is Lord Walder Frey's firstborn, and heir apparent to the Twins. A man in his sixties, Stevron's appearance shows his age. Walder has groomed him for lordship of the house, though Walder often jokes that Stevron has been waiting for him to die for forty years. Through his father, Stevron has learned to place great importance on the family.

When House Frey allied with Robb Stark, Stevron accompanied its forces and personally led the Frey soldiers into battle. He was killed at the Battle of Oxcross. King Robb often recalled how he died bravely serving him.


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