Sylva Santagar

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Sylva Santagar
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Alias Spotted Sylva
Allegiance House Santagar
Born In +/- 277 AL
Spouse Eldon Estermont
Book(s) A Feast for Crows

Sylva Santagar, known as Spotted Sylva, is the heir of House Santagar. She received her nicknamed "Spotted" from her freckles and also because she is the heir to Spottswood.[1] She is twenty-three years old.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Sylva was one of Arianne Martell's co-conspirators to make Princess Myrcella Baratheon Queen of Westeros. During their travels they were intercepted by Areo Hotah. Sylva was among those captured. [3]

Sylva was quickly betrothed to Lord Estermont and sent to Greenstone and married soon after.[4]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

A force of the Golden Company under the command of Marq Mandrake takes the island of Estermont.

During Jon Connington and the Golden Company’s war council at the Griffin's Roost Jon Connington tells Haldon to send word to Marq Mandrake to leave a garrison behind at Estermont and bring the rest of his men to Cape Wrath, along with any noble captives. [5] Haldon points out that House Estermont has blood ties with both kings so they will make good hostages. [5]

Sylva Santagar may well be among the noble captives as she is now Lord Estermont’s wife and the heir to Spottswood besides.

References and Notes