Tommard Heddle

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Tommard Heddle
Alias Black Tom Heddle
Title Ser
Book(s) The Mystery Knight

Ser Tommard Heddle, better known as Black Tom Heddle, was the son-in-law of Lord Ambrose Butterwell. He had fierce reputation. He had a deep voice.[1] He had a black beard and boils.[2]


He won the hand of Lord Ambrose's eldest daughter by killing three of her other suitors. He once unhorse Lord Damon Lannister in a tourney.[3]

The Mystery Knight

As the son-in-law of Lord Ambrose, he attended his wedding, having married Lord Ambrose's eldest daughter. During the Whitewalls Tourney, he defeated all comers, doing off those, like Ser Clarence Charlton, with ease.[4]

References and Notes