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[[Category:Knights|Underleaf, Uthor]]
[[Category:Knights|Underleaf, Uthor]]
[[es:Uthor Underleaf]]
[[fr:Uthor Underleaf]]
[[fr:Uthor Underleaf]]
[[ru:Ютор Андерлиф]][[zh:乌瑟·昂德里夫]]
[[ru:Ютор Андерлиф]][[zh:乌瑟·昂德里夫]]

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Uthor Underleaf
Alias The Snail
Title Ser
Book(s) The Mystery Knight
Personal Arms a snail[1]

Ser Uthor Underleaf, sometimes called the Snail for his personal emblem, was a tourney knight. He had small, shrewd, close-set eyes with thin, arching eyebrows. He kept his black beard neat and had a receding hairline.[2]

The Mystery Knight

Ser Uthor attended the Whitewalls Tourney. In his first joust, he unhorsed Ser Duncan the Tall in the first tilt. In his second joust he defeated Ser Addam Frey. After taking Ser Duncan's armor and divulging the story of Ser Glendon Flowers knighthood and the fact that someone was attempting to kill Ser Duncan, Ser Uthor then defeated Ser Theomore Bulwer in five tilts.

References and Notes