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Yeen, art by Nutchapol Thi ©

Yeen is a ruined city on the continent of Sothoryos. It is situated at the point in the Zamoyos where it turns into a massive river delta. To the north is Zamettar.[1][2]

The mystery of Yeen

Like the Toad Stone of the Isle of Toads, Yeen is built entirely of oily black stone, in blocks so large it would require a dozen elephants to move them.[3] Its origins of Yeen are one of the greatest enigmas puzzling maesters and other scholars. Yeen has remained in desolation for many thousands of years, yet the jungle surrounding it has scarce touched it. Every attempt to rebuild or resettle it has ended in horror.[4]

During the year spent in Sothoryos during their migration, some Rhoynar settled on Yeen, where they had to contend with constant attacks from "brindled ghouls" from the jungle. At some point a boat was sent from Zamettar to Yeen, only to find that all men, women, and children had vanished from the city. According to tales, when Nymeria herself laid eyes upon the city, she said: A city so evil that even the jungle will not enter."[4]

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