Harren the Red

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House Hoare 2.svgHarren
the Red
House Hoare 2.svg
  • Harren the Red[1]
  • Red Harren[1]
Allegiance House Hoare
Culture Rivermen
Died In 37 AC, near the Gods Eye

Harren, known as Harren the Red and Red Harren, was an outlaw and bandit of the riverlands. He claimed to be a grandson of the late King Harren Hoare, who had been known as Harren the Black.


During the first year of the reign of King Aenys I Targaryen, Harren the Red was the first of four rebels who rose against the Iron Throne.[1] With the aid of a castle servant, Red Harren seized both Harrenhal and its infamous lord, Gargon Qoherys, slicing off Gargon's genitals in the castle godswood and feeding them to a dog while Gargon bled to death. Harren proclaimed himself Lord of Harrenhal and King of the Rivers.[2]

King Aenys I was present at Riverrun when he learned about Red Harren. Lord Tully urged him to mount his dragon Quicksilver and burn out the rebels at Harrenhal, but Aenys refused. Instead, he commanded Tully to raise his banners and marched to Harrenhal with a thousand men. However, aware of the slow advance of the royal army, Harren and his outlaws had put all the loyal castle servants to the sword and fled into the woods.[2]

Continuing on to King's Landing, Aenys ordered his Hand, Lord Alyn Stokeworth, to take a fleet north to the Vale and deal with Jonos Arryn. Aenys prevaricated, however, and at the last moment recalled the order, fearing that Harren the Red might attack King's Landing. After this waste of time, he instead dispatched Alyn into the riverlands with several hundred men to hunt down Harren the Red.[2]

Alyn succeeded, cornering Harren in a village west of the Gods Eye. In the battle that followed, Harren killed Lord Stokeworth, but was killed in turn by Alyn's squire, Bernarr Brune. The grateful King Aenys subsequently knighted Brune, and rule over Harrenhal was granted to House Harroway. Harren's was the first of the four local rebellions that broke out against Aenys, but also the last one dealt with.[1][2]


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Preceded by 3rd Lord of Harrenhal
37 AC
Succeeded by