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The Dragonkeepers were the guards of the Targaryen dragons. At the time of their creation during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen they numbered seventy-seven.[1]

Dragonkeepers were stationed both at the Dragonpit in King's Landing[1] and on Dragonstone.[2]


The Dragonkeepers wore suits of gleaming black armor. Their helms were crested by a row of dragon-scales that continued down their backs, diminishing downwards.[1]


In 60 AC, as Princess Daenerys Targaryen was stricken by the Shivers, King Jaehaerys I Targaryen ordered a raven sent to the Dragonkeepers on Dragonstone, ordering them to bring a hatchling to King's Landing at once. After Daenerys died several hours later, Jaehaerys flew to Dragonstone upon Vermithor to inform them that it was no longer necessary.[2]

The Dragonkeepers at the Dragonpit of King's Landing who knew the dragons there better than anyone else, gave the dragon Caraxes his nickname: the Blood Wyrm.[2]

According to the accounts of the Dragonkeepers, when Alyssa Targaryen came to claim a dragon in 75 AC, they had to convince her not to claim Balerion, telling the princess the dragon was "old and slow", suggesting she would rather have a swifter mount. In the end they succeeded, as Princess Alyssa claimed the dragon Meleys.[2]

In 84 AC, the Dragonkeepers caught Princess Saera Targaryen trying to enter the Dragonpit. They returned her to the Red Keep.[2]

Once, when Princess Viserra Targaryen brought six boys into the Dragonpit, promising her maidenhead to whoever would put his head in a dragon's mouth, the Dragonkeepers arrived in time to put an end to it.[2]


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