List of characters and arms in The Hedge Knight graphic novel collection

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Several printings of the collected graphic novel adaptation of The Hedge Knight include a roll of arms of the attendees of the tourney at Ashford Meadow among the supplements after the story, which may differ between editions.

A number of the listed characters and/or their arms may be considered to be semi-canon, as they are not named or described in the original novella, or are only seen via their House sigils by Ser Duncan the Tall. The details given for several characters in the roll of arms have been confirmed by later inclusion in The World of Ice & Fire and other supplementary sources.

Additionally, the creators of the graphic novel adaptation have also incorporated their names and arms into some versions of the roll.

Characters named in the novella

Characters whose full names are given by the roll

Characters whose status is given by the roll

Other characters

Characters in the roll who do not appear by name in the novella

Characters listed who are real people, creators of the graphic novel

Variant arms

The following characters are depicted in the roll of arms with variant shields which are not officially described in the novellas, but are heraldically differenced from the standard sigils of their original Houses.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 It appears likely that these three knights are named and their arms designed in tribute to the works of authors Alan Garner, Roger Zelazny, and Howard Pyle. Compare House Deddings, House Jordayne, House Willum.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 The use of a portion of the motifs of the sigil of House Blackwood, and the numbers of each depicted on the shield, likely indicates that Robert, Roland, and Roger Blackwood are second, third, and fourth sons of their lines, similar to the personal shield devices of Ser Garlan Tyrell[1] and Ser Loras Tyrell[2], which display two and three of the golden rose of House Tyrell, respectively. The differing use of trees and ravens may indicate that Roger Blackwood is from a separate collateral line than the others.