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Note This article is about content invented for the television adaptation Game of Thrones developed by HBO. Although this is a licensed derivative work based upon A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, it is not written by him.
The material on this page should not be considered canonical for the novels, and is provided for informational purposes only.
Allegiance House Bolton

Played by Jazzy de Lisser
TV series Season 4

Tansy is a servant of House Bolton of the Dreadfort. Her character was created specifically for the television adaptation Game of Thrones in which she is played by Jazzy de Lisser.

Game of Thrones

Season Four

Due to Myranda's jealousy of her, Tansy is hunted through the woods near the Dreadfort by Ramsay Snow, Myranda, and the bastard's girls. Myranda eventually strikes her in the leg with an arrow, after which Ramsay goads the dogs into ripping her to pieces.

Season Five

Myranda mentions to Sansa Stark, Tansy being one among several women, whom Ramsay has brutally killed after they began to bore him. She gleefully quips that Ramsay let her join him in "hunting" Tansy for fun, which angers Sansa.

Behind the Scenes

A part of Kyra's role from A Dance with Dragons, as being hunted and killed by Ramsay Snow's hounds, has been folded into Tansy's character. Kyra was later mentioned on the show, as the blacksmith's daughter, being one of the previous girls that had a fate similar to that of Tansy. Tansy's role in the fouth season was also originally intended to be that of another original character from the show's third season, Violet, who was one of Ramsay's bedwarmers and shared some similarities with the Bastard's Boys from the books, though there is no mention of any women in the group. Later in the show, it is revealed that Violet ultimately had the same fate as Tansy did. Tansy's name is apparently fairly common for girls born in the riverlands, as two more characters from the novels have the same name.

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