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This template adds a table of contents (TOC) to a category page. It should only be added to category pages and should not be used for categories containing less than 200 pages.

{{Category TOC
 | align     = <!-- left (default) / center / right -->
 | top       = <!-- yes (default) / no -->
 | numerals  = <!-- group (default) / separate / no -->
 | uppercase = <!-- yes (default) / group / no -->
 | lowercase = <!-- yes / group / no (default) -->


  • align – specifies the position. Default is left.
  • top – specifies whether a link to the top of the category is included. Default is yes.
  • numerals – specifies whether numerals are included:
    • group (default): there is one link for 0–9.
    • separate: each numeral 0,1,...,9 has a separate link.
    • no: no link.
  • uppercase – specifies whether uppercase letters are included:
    • yes (default): each letter A,B,...,Z has a separate link.
    • group: there is one link for A-Z.
    • no: there is no link for uppercase letters.
  • lowercase – specifies whether lowercase letters are included:
    • yes: each letter a,b,...,z has a separate link.
    • group: there is one link for a-z.
    • no (default): there is no link for lowercase letters.


Example Resulting Table of Contents
{{Category TOC}}
{{Category TOC|align=center}}
{{Category TOC|align=right}}
{{Category TOC|top=no}}
{{Category TOC|numerals=separate}}
{{Category TOC|numerals=no}}
{{Category TOC|uppercase=group}}
{{Category TOC|uppercase=no}}
{{Category TOC|lowercase=yes}}
{{Category TOC|lowercase=group}}