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This is a list of all available COA in {{Coa}} with their corresponding keys.

You can change this list by modifying Module:Coa/data.

wormwood None.svg House Wormwood
ruskyn None.svg House Ruskyn
cole House Cole.svg House Cole
hetherspoon House Hetherspoon.svg House Hetherspoon
harlawharridanhill House Harlaw of Harridan Hill.svg House Harlaw of Harridan Hill
bracken House Bracken.svg House Bracken
rhysling House Rhysling.svg House Rhysling
clegane House Clegane.svg House Clegane
blackbar House Blackbar.svg House Blackbar
chyttering House Chyttering.svg House Chyttering
bole None.svg House Bole
toland House Toland.svg House Toland
connington House Connington.svg House Connington
bronnblackwater Bronn.svg Bronn of the Blackwater
septa Star of the Faith.svg Faith of the Seven
mooton House Mooton.svg House Mooton
serrett House Serrett.svg House Serrett
robertashford Robert Ashford.svg Robert Ashford
vypren House Vypren.svg House Vypren
shadrich Shadrich.svg Shadrich of the Shady Glen
blount House Blount.svg House Blount
bolton House Bolton.svg House Bolton
slate House Slate.svg House Slate
frey House Frey.svg House Frey
grey None.svg House Grey
lantell None.svg House Lantell
sarwyck House Sarwyck.svg House Sarwyck
yarwyck House Yarwyck.svg House Yarwyck
harlawharlaw House Harlaw.svg House Harlaw of Harlaw
aegoniitargaryen Aegon II Targaryen.svg Aegon II Targaryen
swann House Swann.svg House Swann
jordayne House Jordayne.svg House Jordayne
archmaester Archmaester.svg Archmaesters
longwaters None.svg House Longwaters
cafferen House Cafferen.svg House Cafferen
sweet None.svg House Sweet
ball House Ball.svg House Ball
lakenorth House Lake (North).svg House Lake
orme House Orme.svg House Orme
fenn House Fenn.svg House Fenn
moonbrothers Moon Brothers.svg Moon Brothers
rhllor Fiery Heart.svg R'hllor
patrekkingsmountain Patrek.svg Patrek of King's Mountain
tarbeck House Tarbeck.svg House Tarbeck
lanny None.svg House Lanny
dustin House Dustin.svg House Dustin
thomasthreadbare None.svg Thomas the Threadbare
faithmilitant Star of the Faith.svg Faith Militant
whitehill House Whitehill.svg House Whitehill
myr Myr.svg Myr
appleton House Appleton.svg House Appleton
stonetree House Stonetree 2.svg House Stonetree
smallwood House Smallwood.svg House Smallwood
dutton None.svg House Dutton
dryland None (Dorne).svg House Dryland
mallery House Mallery.svg House Mallery
shawney House Shawney.svg House Shawney
woodwright House Woodwright.svg House Woodwright
cressey House Cressey.svg House Cressey
caswell House Caswell.svg House Caswell
staedmon House Staedmon.svg House Staedmon
oakheart House Oakheart.svg House Oakheart
blacktyde House Blacktyde.svg House Blacktyde
frost None.svg House Frost
corbray House Corbray.svg House Corbray
mostdevout Star of the Faith.svg Most Devout
dondarrion House Dondarrion.svg House Dondarrion
norridge House Norridge.svg House Norridge
yronwood House Yronwood.svg House Yronwood
harlawharlawhall House Harlaw of Harlaw Hall.svg House Harlaw of Harlaw Hall
crabb None.svg House Crabb
bigwalderfrey Big Walder Frey.svg Walder Frey
rodden None.svg House Rodden
harlawtowerglimmering House Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering.svg House Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering
flintmountains None.svg House Flint of the mountains
windblown Windblown.svg Windblown
stackhouse None.svg House Stackhouse
tyrellbrightwaterkeep Garlan Tyrell.svg House Tyrell of Brightwater Keep
rogers House Rogers.svg House Rogers
shermer House Shermer.svg House Shermer
goodbrotherorkmont None.svg House Goodbrother of Orkmont
myatt House Myatt.svg House Myatt
burley House Burley.svg House Burley
upcliff House Upcliff.svg House Upcliff
goldencompany Golden Company.svg Golden Company
cray None.svg House Cray
ironsmith House Ironsmith.svg House Ironsmith
butterwell House Butterwell.svg House Butterwell
pommingham House Pommingham.svg House Pommingham
blackmont House Blackmont.svg House Blackmont
shepherd None.svg House Shepherd
lychester House Lychester.svg House Lychester
ruthermont House Ruthermont.svg House Ruthermont
pyle House Pyle.svg House Pyle
cargyll House Cargyll.svg House Cargyll
fell House Fell.svg House Fell
crowl House Crowl.svg House Crowl
hutcheson House Hutcheson.svg House Hutcheson
harclay House Harclay.svg House Harclay
pyne None.svg House Pyne
blackwood House Blackwood.svg House Blackwood
harte House Harte.svg House Harte
lys Lys.svg Lys
whitehead None.svg House Whitehead
codd House Codd 2.svg House Codd
cockshaw House Cockshaw.svg House Cockshaw
bulwer House Bulwer.svg House Bulwer
brax House Brax.svg House Brax
highsepton Star of the Faith.svg High Septon
gower House Gower.svg House Gower
footenightsong None.svg House Foote of Nightsong
belgrave None.svg House Belgrave
rykker House Rykker.svg House Rykker
sarsfield House Sarsfield.svg House Sarsfield
brotherhoodwithoutbanners Brotherhood without banners.svg Brotherhood without banners
farwyndsealskinpoint None.svg House Farwynd of Sealskin Point
briar None (Dorne).svg House Briar
bryndenrivers Brynden Rivers.svg Brynden Rivers
rainbowguard Rainbow Guard.svg Rainbow Guard
weaver None.svg House Weaver
allyrion House Allyrion.svg House Allyrion
haigh House Haigh.svg House Haigh
sunderland House Sunderland.svg House Sunderland
uffering House Uffering.svg House Uffering
charlton House Charlton.svg House Charlton
harlawgreygarden House Harlaw of Grey Garden.svg House Harlaw of Grey Garden
brune None.svg House Brune
botley House Botley.svg House Botley
waynwood House Waynwood.svg House Waynwood
weatherwax None.svg House Weatherwax
rollingford House Rollingford.svg House Rollingford
freyriverrun House Frey.svg House Frey of Riverrun
warrick None.svg House Warrick
grimm House Grimm.svg House Grimm
qoherys House Qoherys.svg House Qoherys
quentynball Quentyn Ball.svg Quentyn Ball
chelsted House Chelsted.svg House Chelsted
mudd House Mudd.svg House Mudd
raymondrychard Raymond Rychard.svg Raymond Rychard
baelish House Baelish.svg House Baelish
wyl Wyl.png House Wyl
baratheonkingslanding House Baratheon of King's Landing.svg House Baratheon of King's Landing
volantis Volantis.svg Volantis
hoare House Hoare 2.svg House Hoare
unknowndorne None (Dorne).svg
whitfield None.svg House Whitfield
rosby House Rosby.svg House Rosby
goodbrook House Goodbrook.svg House Goodbrook
gargalen House Gargalen.svg House Gargalen
knott House Knott.svg House Knott
drumm House Drumm.svg House Drumm
blackberry None.svg House Blackberry
bridges House Bridges 2.svg House Bridges
westerling House Westerling.svg House Westerling
tyrell House Tyrell.svg House Tyrell
warriorssons Warrior's Sons.svg Warrior's Sons
grandison House Grandison.svg House Grandison
plumm House Plumm.svg House Plumm
bullock None.svg House Bullock
bennisbrownshield Bennis.svg Bennis of the Brown Shield
kenningkayce House Kenning of Kayce.svg House Kenning of Kayce
brook None (Dorne).svg House Brook
baratheonkingslanding1 House Baratheon.svg House Baratheon of King's Landing
osgreyleafylake None.svg House Osgrey of Leafy Lake
creightonlongbough Creighton Longbough.svg Creighton Longbough
brunedyreden None.svg House Brune of the Dyre Den
redwyne House Redwyne.svg House Redwyne
baratheon House Baratheon.svg House Baratheon
fossoway House Fossoway.svg House Fossoway
borrell House Borrell.svg House Borrell
nymerosmartell House Martell.svg House Nymeros Martell
vikary House Vikary.svg House Vikary
pearsecaron Pearse Caron.svg Pearse Caron
overton House Overton.svg House Overton
paege House Paege.svg House Paege
breakstone None.svg House Breakstone
bolling House Bolling.svg House Bolling
liddle House Liddle.svg House Liddle
fieryheart Fiery Heart.svg R'hllor
benjaminavery Benjamin Avery.svg Benjamin Avery
deddings None.svg House Deddings
goodbrotherhammerhorn House Goodbrother.svg House Goodbrother of Hammerhorn
toyne House Toyne.svg House Toyne
justman House Justman.svg House Justman
waxley House Waxley.svg House Waxley
herston House Herston.svg House Herston
norrey House Norrey.svg House Norrey
morrigen House Morrigen.svg House Morrigen
yunkai YunkaiHarpie.png Yunkai
farwyndlonelylight None.svg House Farwynd of the Lonely Light
estermont House Estermont.svg House Estermont
cassel House Cassel.svg House Cassel
terrick House Terrick.svg House Terrick
moreland House Moreland.svg House Moreland
uller House Uller.svg House Uller
flint None.svg House Flint
kidwell House Kidwell.svg House Kidwell
errol House Errol.svg House Errol
queensguard Kingsguard.svg Queensguard
lannisterlannisport None.svg House Lannister of Lannisport
dargood None.svg House Dargood
cobb None.svg House Cobb
lannister House Lannister.svg House Lannister
sawyer None.svg House Sawyer
baremmon House Bar Emmon.svg House Bar Emmon
slynt House Slynt.svg House Slynt
freycrossing House Frey.svg House Frey of the Crossing
durrandon House Baratheon.svg House Durrandon
tollett House Tollett.svg House Tollett
redfort House Redfort.svg House Redfort
blackshield Black shield.svg Blackshield
kettleblack House Kettleblack.svg House Kettleblack
thenn House Thenn.svg House Thenn
fisherstonyshore None.svg House Fisher of the Stony Shore
hawick Hawick.png House Hawick
farring House Farring.svg House Farring
hersy House Hersy.svg House Hersy
suggs House Suggs.svg House Suggs
melcolm House Melcolm.svg House Melcolm
velaryon House Velaryon.svg House Velaryon
ferren House Ferren.svg House Ferren
kenning None.svg House Kenning
penny None.svg House Penny
marlonmanderly None.svg Marlon Manderly
sunderly House Sunderly.svg House Sunderly
ernestdabell Ernest Dabell.svg Ernest Dabell
rolandblackwood Roland Blackwood.svg Roland Blackwood
lynderly House Lynderly.svg House Lynderly
ashford House Ashford.svg House Ashford
elesham House Elesham.svg House Elesham
maekartargaryen Maekar Targaryen.svg Maekar I Targaryen
darry House Darry.svg House Darry
hasty House Hasty.svg House Hasty
tallad Tallad the Tall.svg Tallad the Tall
marsh House Marsh.svg House Marsh
tyrellhighgarden House Tyrell.svg House Tyrell of Highgarden
wade None (Dorne).svg House Wade
rowan House Rowan.svg House Rowan
walderrivers Walder Rivers.svg Walder Rivers
manning House Manning.svg House Manning
lowther House Lowther.svg House Lowther
largent None.svg House Largent
meadows House Meadows.svg House Meadows
bush None.svg House Bush
shelldorne None (Dorne).svg House Shell
egen House Egen.svg House Egen
knightlaughingtree Laughing Tree COA.png Knight of the Laughing Tree
darklyn House Darklyn.svg House Darklyn
talladtall Tallad the Tall.svg Tallad the Tall
farrow None.svg House Farrow
shettgulltower House Shett of Gull Tower.svg House Shett of Gull Tower
bigglestone None.svg House Bigglestone
marbrand House Marbrand.svg House Marbrand
none None.svg
reyne House Reyne.svg House Reyne
donniger House Donniger.svg House Donniger
gardener House Gardener.svg House Gardener
lannisterdarry House Lannister of Darry.svg House Lannister of Darry
risley House Risley.svg House Risley
edgerton House Edgerton.svg House Edgerton
wendwater House Wendwater.svg House Wendwater
colengreenpools Colen of Greenpools COA.png Colen of Greenpools
wayn House Wayn.svg House Wayn
peake House Peake.svg House Peake
hornwood House Hornwood.svg House Hornwood
banefort House Banefort 2.svg House Banefort
turnberry House Turnberry.svg House Turnberry
boggscrownlands None.svg House Boggs
cerwyn House Cerwyn.svg House Cerwyn
bywater House Bywater.svg House Bywater
dalt House Dalt.svg House Dalt
tallhart House Tallhart.svg House Tallhart
footly House Footly.svg House Footly
horpe House Horpe.svg House Horpe
hunter House Hunter.svg House Hunter
goodbrothershatterstone None.svg House Goodbrother of Shatterstone
hook None.svg House Hook
fowler House Fowler 2.svg House Fowler
wythers House Wythers.svg House Wythers
graceford House Graceford.svg House Graceford
tudbury House Tudbury.svg House Tudbury
arryneyrie House Arryn.svg House Arryn of the Eyrie
wynch House Wynch.svg House Wynch
glover House Glover.svg House Glover
celtigar House Celtigar 2.svg House Celtigar
cave None.svg House Cave
nayland None.svg House Nayland
holtnorth None.svg House Holt
ghisharpie GhisHarpie.png Old Empire of Ghis
piper House Piper.svg House Piper
osgreystandfast House Osgrey.svg House Osgrey of Standfast
cuy House Cuy.svg House Cuy
gallowsknight Gallows Knight.png Duncan the Tall
crakehall House Crakehall.svg House Crakehall
tully House Tully.svg House Tully
branfield None.svg House Branfield (Telltale)
stilwood None.svg House Stilwood
bushy House Bushy.svg House Bushy
poorfellows Poor Fellows.svg Poor Fellows
ambrose House Ambrose.svg House Ambrose
casterly None.svg House Casterly
falwell House Falwell.svg House Falwell
hawthorne House Hawthorne.svg House Hawthorne
hogg None.svg House Hogg
groves None.svg House Groves
eurongreyjoy Euron Greyjoy.svg Euron Greyjoy
woodhull None.svg House Woodhull
greyjoy House Greyjoy.svg House Greyjoy
wylde House Wylde.svg House Wylde
beesbury House Beesbury.svg House Beesbury
swygert House Swygert.svg House Swygert
tyrionlannister Tyrion Lannister.svg Tyrion Lannister
broom House Broom.svg House Broom
royce House Royce.svg House Royce
stark House Stark.svg House Stark
torrent None.svg House Torrent
goodbrothercrowspikekeep None.svg House Goodbrother of Crow Spike Keep
reed House Reed.svg House Reed
clifton None.svg House Clifton
walderwoodmere Walder of Woodmere.svg Walder of Woodmere
buckwell House Buckwell.svg House Buckwell
foote House Foote.svg House Foote
hewett House Hewett.svg House Hewett
osgrey House Osgrey.svg House Osgrey
yunkaiharpie YunkaiHarpie.png Yunkai
cordwayner House Cordwayner.svg House Cordwayner
meereen Meereen.png Meereen
woods None.svg House Woods
astapor Meereen.png Astapor
oldempireghis GhisHarpie.png Old Empire of Ghis
oldghis GhisHarpie.png Old Ghis
lorath Lorath.svg Lorath
newghis GhisHarpie.png New Ghis
tyrosh Tyrosh.svg Tyrosh
qohor Qohor.svg Qohor
pentos Pentos.svg Pentos
towers None.svg House Towers
dunn Dunn.png House Dunn
florent House Florent.svg House Florent
braavos Braavos.svg Braavos
yelshire House Yelshire.svg House Yelshire
ironbank Iron Bank.svg Iron Bank
grandmaester Grand Maester.svg Grand Maesters
maester Maester.svg Maesters
fossowayciderhall House Fossoway of Cider Hall.svg House Fossoway of Cider Hall
buckler House Buckler.svg House Buckler
facelessmen Faceless Men.svg Faceless Men
alchemistsguild Pyromancer.svg Alchemists' Guild
mandrake None.svg House Mandrake
pyromancer Pyromancer.svg Alchemists' Guild
randorexile Randor the Exile.svg Randor the Exile
unsullied Unsullied.svg Unsullied
brownhillstormlands None.svg House Brownhill (stormlands)
westbrook House Westbrook.svg House Westbrook
yew House Yew.svg House Yew
garlantyrell Garlan Tyrell.svg Garlan Tyrell
hull None (Dorne).svg House Hull
lorastyrell Loras Tyrell.svg Loras Tyrell
hunt Hunt.png House Hunt
mallister House Mallister.svg House Mallister
galtrygreen Galtry the Green.svg Galtry the Green
citywatchkingslanding City Watch of King's Landing.svg City Watch of King's Landing
citywatch City Watch of King's Landing.svg City Watch of King's Landing
secondsons Second Sons.svg Second Sons
greystark None.svg House Greystark
greens Rhaenyra Targaryen.svg Greens
blacks Aegon II Targaryen.svg Blacks
greengood None.svg House Greengood
goode None.svg House Goode
starfaith Star of the Faith.svg Faith of the Seven
silentsisters Star of the Faith.svg Silent sisters
septon Star of the Faith.svg Faith of the Seven
faithseven Star of the Faith.svg Faith of the Seven
roote House Roote.svg House Roote
stonecrows Stone Crows.svg Stone Crows
burnedmen Burned Men.svg Burned Men
blackears Black Ears.svg Black Ears
nute None.svg Nute the Barber
heddle None.svg House Heddle
nonedorne None (Dorne).svg
baratheonkingslanding2 House Baratheon of King's Landing.svg House Baratheon of King's Landing
sparr House Sparr.svg House Sparr
robertblackwood Robert Blackwood (209).svg Robert Blackwood
williamtortoll William Tortoll.svg William Tortoll
swyft House Swyft.svg House Swyft
andrik None.svg Andrik the Unsmiling
michaelmiller Michael Miller.svg Michael Miller
garner House Garner.svg House Garner
lightfoot House Lightfoot.svg House Lightfoot
flintbreakstonehill None.svg House Flint of Breakstone Hill
tyboltlannister Tybolt Lannister.svg Tybolt Lannister
michaelcrowell Michael Crowell.svg Michael Crowell
fossowaynewbarrel House Fossoway of New Barrel.svg House Fossoway of New Barrel
howardpyle Howard Pyle.svg Howard Pyle
condon House Condon.svg House Condon
pascaldabell Pascal Dabell.svg Pascal Dabell
lesterdabell Lester Dabell.svg Lester Dabell
daynehighhermitage None (Dorne).svg House Dayne of High Hermitage
littlewalderfrey Little Walder Frey.svg Walder Frey
johnfiddler John the Fiddler.svg John the Fiddler
blackfyre House Blackfyre 2.svg House Blackfyre
uthorunderleaf Uthor.svg Uthor Underleaf
boggsnorth None.svg House Boggs
flintwidowswatch House Flint of Widow's Watch.svg House Flint of Widow's Watch
tawney Tawney.png House Tawney
tommardheddle None.svg Tommard Heddle
durwell None.svg House Durwell
shadrichshadyglen Shadrich.svg Shadrich of the Shady Glen
algood House Algood.svg House Algood
lothorbrune Lothor Brune.svg Lothor Brune
lefford House Lefford.svg House Lefford
isembardarryn Isembard Arryn.svg Isembard Arryn
illiferpenniless Illifer the Penniless.svg Illifer the Penniless
hughvale Hugh of the Vale.svg Hugh of the Vale
shellvale None.svg House Shell
harroldhardyng Harrold Hardyng.svg Harrold Hardyng
dunk Dunk.svg Duncan the Tall
mormont House Mormont.svg House Mormont
keath House Keath.svg House Keath
bennis Bennis.svg Bennis of the Brown Shield
duncantall Dunk.svg Duncan the Tall
renlybaratheon Renly Baratheon.svg Renly Baratheon
cleosfrey Cleos Frey.svg Cleos Frey
mertyns House Mertyns.svg House Mertyns
bloodraven Brynden Rivers.svg Brynden Rivers
bronn Bronn.svg Bronn of the Blackwater
ashwood None.svg House Ashwood
benfreyfrey Benfrey Frey.svg Benfrey Frey
potter None.svg House Potter
gaunt House Gaunt.svg House Gaunt
drinkwater None (Dorne).svg House Drinkwater
redbeard None.svg House Redbeard
maekaritargaryen Maekar Targaryen.svg Maekar I Targaryen
aemonrivers Aemon Rivers.svg Aemon Rivers
aegorrivers Bittersteel.svg Aegor Rivers
rossart RossartSigil.png Rossart
greyiron Greyiron.png House Greyiron
grafton House Grafton.svg House Grafton
lolliston House Lolliston.svg House Lolliston
caron House Caron.svg House Caron
estren House Estren.svg House Estren
spicer House Spicer.svg House Spicer
lannistercasterlyrock House Lannister.svg House Lannister of Casterly Rock
targaryen House Targaryen.svg House Targaryen
robbstark Robb Stark.svg Robb Stark
valarrtargaryen Valarr Targaryen.svg Valarr Targaryen
daerontargaryen Daeron Targaryen.svg Daeron Targaryen
aeriontargaryen Aerion Targaryen.svg Aerion Targaryen
arlanpennytree Arlan of Pennytree.svg Arlan of Pennytree
vyrwel House Vyrwel 2.svg House Vyrwel
moss House Moss.svg House Moss
rhaenyratargaryen Rhaenyra Targaryen.svg Rhaenyra Targaryen
stormcrows Stormcrows.svg Stormcrows
bravecompanions Brave Companions.svg Brave Companions
trant House Trant.svg House Trant
wydman House Wydman.svg House Wydman
broome None.svg House Broome
lakedorne None (Dorne).svg House Lake
wull House Wull.svg House Wull
woolfield House Woolfield.svg House Woolfield
woodfoot None.svg House Woodfoot
baelishharrenhal House Baelish of Harrenhal.svg House Baelish of Harrenhal
wode House Wode.svg House Wode
willum House Willum.svg House Willum
bourney None.svg House Bourney
whent House Whent.svg House Whent
westford House Westford.svg House Westford
templeton House Templeton.svg House Templeton
chambers None.svg House Chambers
kingsguard Kingsguard.svg Kingsguard
wensington House Wensington.svg House Wensington
belmore House Belmore.svg House Belmore
wellsnorth House Wells (North).svg House Wells
goodbrothercorpselake None.svg House Goodbrother of Corpse Lake
stane House Stane.svg House Stane
teague House Teague.svg House Teague
thorne House Thorne.svg House Thorne
musgood House Musgood.svg House Musgood
webber House Webber.svg House Webber
waterman House Waterman.svg House Waterman
wagstaff House Wagstaff.svg House Wagstaff
baratheonstormsend House Baratheon.svg House Baratheon of Storm's End
volmark House Volmark.svg House Volmark
tarth House Tarth.svg House Tarth
vancewayfarersrest House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest.svg House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest
stonehouse House Stonehouse 2.svg House Stonehouse
prester House Prester.svg House Prester
vanceatranta House Vance of Atranta.svg House Vance of Atranta
vance House Vance.svg House Vance
vaith House Vaith.svg House Vaith
baratheondragonstone House Baratheon of Dragonstone.svg House Baratheon of Dragonstone
arryngulltown House Arryn.svg House Arryn of Gulltown
forrester None.svg House Forrester
baelishfingers House Baelish.svg House Baelish of the Fingers
umber House Umber.svg House Umber
tuttle None.svg House Tuttle (Telltale)
pryor House Pryor.svg House Pryor
towersnorth None.svg House Towers
brightstone None.svg House Brightstone
norvos Norvos.svg Norvos
varner House Varner.svg House Varner
flintflintsfinger House Flint of Flint's Finger.svg House Flint of Flint's Finger
lonmouth House Lonmouth.svg House Lonmouth
tarly House Tarly.svg House Tarly
magnar Magnar.png House Magnar
barbreydustin Barbrey Dustin.svg Barbrey Dustin
sunglass House Sunglass.svg House Sunglass
follard House Follard.svg House Follard
merryweather House Merryweather.svg House Merryweather
hollard House Hollard.svg House Hollard
strong House Strong.svg House Strong
strickland None.svg House Strickland
byrch House Byrch.svg House Byrch
straw None.svg House Straw
stout House Stout.svg House Stout
stokeworth House Stokeworth.svg House Stokeworth
cox None.svg House Cox
boltondreadfort House Bolton.svg House Bolton of the Dreadfort
staunton House Staunton.svg House Staunton
wellsdorne None (Dorne).svg House Wells
stackspear House Stackspear.svg House Stackspear
rogerblackwood Roger Blackwood.svg Roger Blackwood
sloane House Sloane.svg House Sloane
langward House Langward.svg House Langward
martell House Martell.svg House Martell
sharp None.svg House Sharp
serry House Serry.svg House Serry
darke None.svg House Darke
bettley House Bettley.svg House Bettley
humble None.svg House Humble
selmy House Selmy.svg House Selmy
mollen House Mollen.svg House Mollen
parren House Parren.svg House Parren
santagar House Santagar.svg House Santagar
saltcliffe House Saltcliffe.svg House Saltcliffe
crane House Crane.svg House Crane
goodbrotherdowndelving None.svg House Goodbrother of Downdelving
ryswell House Ryswell.svg House Ryswell
boltonwinterfell House Bolton.svg House Bolton of Winterfell
oldflowers House Oldflowers.svg House Oldflowers
glenmore None.svg House Glenmore (Telltale)
ryder None.svg House Ryder
myre House Myre 2.svg House Myre
roycegatesmoon House Royce of the Gates of the Moon.svg House Royce of the Gates of the Moon
lyberr House Lyberr.svg House Lyberr
payne House Payne.svg House Payne
hastwyck House Hastwyck.svg House Hastwyck
redding House Redding.svg House Redding
orkwood House Orkwood.svg House Orkwood
middlebury House Middlebury.svg House Middlebury
darkwood None.svg House Darkwood
rankenfell None.svg House Rankenfell
rambton House Rambton.svg House Rambton
kenningharlaw House Kenning of Harlaw.svg House Kenning of Harlaw
quagg None.svg House Quagg
ladybright None (Dorne).svg House Ladybright
towersharrenhal House Towers of Harrenhal.svg House Towers of Harrenhal
chester House Chester.svg House Chester
coldwater House Coldwater.svg House Coldwater
perryn None.svg House Perryn
penrose House Penrose.svg House Penrose
leygood House Leygood.svg House Leygood
blanetree House Blanetree.svg House Blanetree
peckledon House Peckledon.svg House Peckledon
peat None.svg House Peat
greenfield House Greenfield.svg House Greenfield
harroway House Harroway.svg House Harroway
seaworth House Seaworth.svg House Seaworth
ryger House Ryger.svg House Ryger
nutt None.svg House Nutt
norcross House Norcross.svg House Norcross
netley None.svg House Netley
amber None.svg House Amber
dayne House Dayne.svg House Dayne
ruttiger House Ruttiger.svg House Ruttiger
branch None.svg House Branch
mullendore House Mullendore.svg House Mullendore
moore House Moore.svg House Moore
bryndentully Brynden Tully.svg Brynden Tully
merlyn Merlyn.png House Merlyn
nightswatch Night's Watch.svg Night's Watch
foxglove None.svg House Foxglove
arryn House Arryn.svg House Arryn
manwoody House Manwoody.svg House Manwoody
alchemist Pyromancer.svg Alchemists' Guild
manderly House Manderly.svg House Manderly
holyhundred Star of the Faith.svg Holy Hundred
lorch House Lorch.png House Lorch
roycerunestone House Royce.svg House Royce of Runestone
lothston House Lothston.svg House Lothston
lydden House Lydden.svg House Lydden
longthorpe None.svg House Longthorpe
erenford House Erenford.svg House Erenford
long None.svg House Long
locke House Locke 2.svg House Locke
lipps House Lipps.svg House Lipps
pemford None.svg House Pemford
leek None.svg House Leek
lansdale None.svg House Lansdale
lannett None.svg House Lannett
conklyn None.svg House Conklyn
shettgulltown House Shett of Gulltown.svg House Shett of Gulltown
drox House Drox.svg House Drox
blackmyre None.svg House Blackmyre
qorgyle House Qorgyle.svg House Qorgyle
kyndall None.svg House Kyndall
kellington House Kellington.svg House Kellington
karstark House Karstark.svg House Karstark
jast House Jast.svg House Jast
brownhill None (Dorne).svg House Brownhill
greenwood None.svg House Greenwood
hayford House Hayford.svg House Hayford
graves House Graves.svg House Graves
inchfield House Inchfield.svg House Inchfield
holtdorne None (Dorne).svg House Holt
hightower House Hightower.svg House Hightower
ironmaker None.svg House Ironmaker
roxton House Roxton.svg House Roxton
harlton House Harlton.svg House Harlton
massey House Massey.svg House Massey
hardyng House Hardyng.svg House Hardyng
hardy None.svg House Hardy
hamell House Hamell.svg House Hamell
crayne None.svg House Crayne
grell House Grell.svg House Grell
greenhill None.svg House Greenhill
peasebury House Peasebury.svg House Peasebury
rodrikryswell Rodrik Ryswell.svg Rodrik Ryswell
goodbrother House Goodbrother.svg House Goodbrother
poole House Poole.svg House Poole
fisher House Fisher.svg House Fisher
farman House Farman.svg House Farman
doggett House Doggett.svg House Doggett
daynestarfall House Dayne.svg House Dayne of Starfall
cupps None.svg House Cupps
costayne House Costayne.svg House Costayne
farwynd None.svg House Farwynd
unknown None.svg
brunebrownhollow House Brune of Brownhollow.svg House Brune of Brownhollow
harlaw House Harlaw.svg House Harlaw