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This template creates an Infobox for Game of Thrones episode.


This template relies heavily on Module:TV episode/GOT. When new episodes come out, the Module should be updated.


This template only requires the season number and episode number in order to generate the episode title and links to the previous and next episodes.

"Winter Is Coming"
Game of Thrones
Season 1  —  Episode 1
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Original air date {{{airdate}}}
Running time {{{length}}}
Directed by {{{director}}}
Written by {{{writer}}}
Story by {{{story}}}
Teleplay by {{{teleplay}}}
Episode chronology
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"The Kingsroad"
List of episodes
{{Infobox GOT episode
 | season   = <!-- season number only -->
 | episode  = <!-- episode number only -->
 | image    = 
 | caption  = 
 | airdate  = 
 | length   = 
 | director = 
 | writer   = 
 | story    = 
 | teleplay =