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Size size
Founded founded

Complete empty syntax

Complete empty syntax for quick copy paste to Sellsword Company entries without the infobox. All fields are optional and will not display, unless given value to it.

{{Sellsword Company
| name		= 
| image		= 
| image_caption	= 
| banner	= 
| motto = 
| current_commander		= 
| former_commander		= 
| size	= 
| founded	= 
| founder	= 
| disbanded		= 

Parameter names and descriptions

name Company name.
banner Description of the Company's banner
motto Any mottos or war cries
current_commander The current commander or commanders of the Company
former_commander The former commander or commanders of the Company
size Numbers of men
founded The year or time of foundation
founder The name of the founder or founders
disbanded The year or time in which the company disbands