A Clash of Kings-Chapter 22

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Catelyn II
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Catelyn
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Catelyn III


At the request of Robb Stark, Catelyn is riding south with twenty Winterfell guards as an escort, to treat with king Renly Baratheon. She remembers Robb telling her she would be best suited to treat with the king, that an alliance could turn the war, especially since all his messages to his aunt Lysa have been ignored and the Eyrie will not stir and that he had to make preparation to march.

As they are nearing Renly’s camp, they encounter a scouting party led by Ser Colen of Greenpools, who informs her that he will escort her to the kings encamped near Bitterbridge, where the roseroad crosses the Mander. As they get close to the Mander, the huge host becomes visible clustered around thousands of campfires. an army that must be near a hundred thousand strong.

Brienne(middle) winning the tourney

At the encampment near Bitterbridge a tourney is being held, and Catelyn watches the folly until the victor is declared. The last two standing are Loras and Brienne, with Brienne the victor. She asks to be made a member of the Rainbow Guard, and Renly grants her request. The crowd mocks her as "the Beauty", as Brienne is quite ugly. She is even taller than Renly, yet obviously a fierce warrior. Catelyn is disturbed that Renly is holding a tourney when he should be marching on King's Landing.

Renly greets her with courtesy and is very cordial. Catelyn is invited to the feast after the tourney, and then walks alone with Renly at the King’s behest. He relates how he offered 100 men to Ned during Robert’s last hours, and how Ned turned him down. He reveals that Mace Tyrell has another 10,000 men at Highgarden, and that he expects the Dornishmen to join him. Renly asserts that he must have Robb’s loyalty, and that Robb must bend the knee. As they converse, a rider comes to the gates with word that Storm's End is besieged by King Stannis.

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