A Clash of Kings-Chapter 29

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A Clash of Kings
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Tyrion was up late at night reading, when Pod brings word that his cousin Ser Lancel is outside demanding to see him. Lancel commands Tyrion to release Pycelle in the name of the king. When he warns Tyrion, the dwarf retorts, "I’ll hear no warnings from you, boy." Lancel corrects him that he is a knight, and starts to reach for his sword, but Tyrion calls him a wineskin warrior. He asks Lancel if he was knighted before or after Cersei started taking him into her bed. Lancel is shocked that Tyrion knows of this incest, and when Tyrion bluffs that he will inform Joffrey that Lancel killed his father so he could bed his mother, Lancel turns to water. Tyrion commands him to continue to serve his sister, but report all he sees and hears to him. Tyrion promises he will release Pycelle, and that Cersei can keep him as a pet or send him to the wall, but he is stripped of his position on the council and as Grand Maester. Tyrion warns Lancel that he wants no more nephews, so he should watch where his seed falls. Tyrion feels a little remorse for the way he and Cersei are using Lancel, and that his weakness will lead to his death, either in the war or at the hands of Jaime if he returned to King's Landing and found out.

Later Tyrion rides for Chataya’s brothel, he reflects on the Lords Arryn and Stark, and how their nobility led to their downfall at his sister’s hands. But Tyrion knew how to play her game and beat her. Later, with Shae, Tyrion feels like this is his place, holding all the power at court.

References and Notes

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