A Clash of Kings-Chapter 3

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Tyrion I
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Tyrion
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Tyrion II


Tyrion arrives outside the council chambers, and has to threaten Ser Mandon Moore in order to get in. He shows the Queen their father’s letter proclaiming Tyrion acting Hand of the King. Cersei is disturbed by Tyrion’s presence, and rants that her father should have returned with his army. Tyrion asks for a word alone with his sister, and the other counselors leave.

Alone, Tyrion learns that Cersei only has Sansa captive. Arya escaped and is presumed dead. He then asks her if she trusts the small council, because their father does not. Joffrey’s short reign has been full of follies and disasters; Cersei concedes that Joffrey, always willful, now believes that as king he is free to do as he pleases, not as he is bid. She explains that Joffrey was instructed to allow Eddard Stark to take the black, but he took it upon himself to have Eddard killed. Cersei tells him it was Petyr Baelish’s idea to name Janos Slynt a lord, another foolish move in Tyrion’s eyes. He also learns that it was Varys who suggested that Ser Barristan be removed from his post as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Tyrion warns her that Ser Barristan the Bold leading Robb Stark’s or Renly’s army would give them too much strength and credibility.

Tyrion tells her Joffrey might be more inclined to listen to him if he feels threatened, something Joffrey doesn’t feel with his mother. Tyrion then suggests that he is hers, and will do nothing without her consent. When he asks Cersei who killed Jon Arryn, Cersei tells him she doesn’t know. She goes on to say that Eddard Stark asked her the same thing, hinting that Jon Arryn suspected her of… incest, Tyrion finishes for her, earning himself a slap in the face. Tyrion tells her he knew all along, and that he is not as blind as their father. Cersei explains how they killed King Robert, with Lancel giving him wine three times the normal potency before he faced the boar. Tyrion takes his leave, and asks Vylarr, his sister’s guard captain, to escort him to the Broken Anvil. Tyrion commands Vylarr to have the heads removed from the spikes on the wall and given to the Silent Sisters.

As they ride through the city, Tyrion notices the effect the war is having on the people. Vylarr tells him that very little food is coming into the city.

The Queen has had the City Watch of King's Landing tripled, has a thousand laborers building catapults and other defenses. The Alchemists' Guild has pledged ten thousand jars of wildfire.

When Tyrion enters the brothel to visit Shae, he finds Varys already there. Varys says that he had a sudden urge to meet his young lady. Tyrion realizes that the eunuch is indirectly threatening him by showing he knows Tyrion's weakness. The two exchange some veiled warnings / threats. Before Varys leaves he poses a riddle to Tyrion, of a king, a priest and a rich man who each command a sellsword to kill the other two. Varys asks Tyrion who lives and who dies, and then takes his leave. Shae says it is the rich man who lives, but Tyrion is not so sure, saying it depends on the sellsword.

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