A Clash of Kings-Chapter 32

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Sansa III
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Sansa
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Sansa IV


Sansa is escorted by the Hound before Joffrey, who berates her for her brother’s actions. The king has just learned that Robb’s men, and supposedly an army of wargs, fell upon Ser Stafford Lannister’s new army not three days ride from Lannisport, routing the army and killing Ser Stafford. Joffrey threatens to shoot her with his crossbow, but was told by his mother that if he kills her, they’ll kill his uncle Jaime in retaliation. But Joffrey will have her punished, and commands the Hound to beat her. Ser Dontos tries to prevent this by beating her with a melon, but Joffrey is not amused. He has Ser Boros and Ser Meryn beat her severely, and even when Sandor yells "Enough", Joffrey has them tear her clothes off. However, Tyrion arrives, his voice cracking like a whip, "What is the meaning of this?" Tyrion mocks Ser Boros for his notion of chivalry, and when the two Kingsguard begin to draw their swords, Bronn warns them to be careful. The Hound gives Sansa his cloak to cover up her nakedness. Tyrion berates his nephew for his actions, and when Ser Boros warns him not to threaten the king, Tyrion replies, "Bronn, Timett, the next time Ser Boros opens his mouth, kill him. Now that was a threat, ser."

Tyrion continues to berate Joffrey, telling him brutality to his subjects will lead to his undoing. Tyrion and his men take Sansa to the Tower of the Hand. Tyrion details the truth of her brother's actions at Oxcross, how his direwolf caused the horses to go wild and how his men killed Ser Stafford, Ser Rupert Brax, Ser Lymond Vikary, Lord Roland Crakehall and Lord Antario Jast. When Sansa asks about the wargs and sorcery, Tyrion snorts, "Sorcery is the sauce fools spoon over failure to hide the flavor of their own incompetence." Tyrion offers that if it is any solace, he does not intend for her to wed Joffrey, realizing that nothing can ever reconcile Stark and Lannister. Sansa is hopeful that Tyrion means what he says, and when Tyrion suggests she wants to be as far from the Lannisters as possible, he smiles and tells her that as a child, he wished for the same thing.

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