A Clash of Kings-Chapter 33

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Catelyn IV
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Catelyn
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Catelyn is praying in the sept and recalls Robert Baratheon’s disposition toward his son, and realizes the King would have had Joffrey and his mother killed had he learned the truth and few would have condemned him. Incest and children born from it were considered an abomination before both the old gods and the new. The exception being the Targaryens 'who were the blood of ancient Valyria where such practices were common', and the Targaryens answered to neither gods nor men. Catelyn also realizes that both Jon Arryn and her husband must have been killed for their knowledge, and that Bran must have seen something as well. At Renly’s pavilion, the king demands that no harm come to his brother’s corpse. When someone asks what should be done if he yields, Mathis Rowan laughs, and Renly tells the tale of how during the siege, Stannis intended to have Ser Gawen Wylde and his men catapulted from the battlements for their attempted desertion, and only Maester Cressen was able to reason with him that the men should be kept alive in case the defenders needed to eat them.

Renly sends his men away, and while Brienne dresses him for battle, Catelyn begs Renly to reconsider, and tells him that Bran must have caught Jaime and Cersei at their act. She tells him that Robb would set aside his crown if Renly and Stannis did the same, and they could call for a Great Council, as had not happened in near 100 years. But as Renly is saying that the time for talk is over, a shadow appears in the tent, a shadow that looks like Stannis to Catelyn. A shadow sword is swung, cutting King Renly’s throat, and then disappears. In the mayhem that ensues, Ser Robar and Ser Emmon Cuy accuse Brienne of killing Renly, but Catelyn is able to persuade Ser Robar that it was some vile sorcery, a shadow of Stannis that killed the king. Ser Robar agrees to try and hold off the others as Catelyn and Brienne flee the camp.

As the two women flee the camp with their escort, Catelyn realises that Stannis has won the battle with a single stroke; the lords and their armies who flocked to Renly's banner will have no choice but to cast their lot in with the last Baratheon. She also feels fear for her son's safety as she recalls Stannis's threat "I am the rightful king and your son no less a traitor than my brother here. His day will come as well".

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