A Clash of Kings-Chapter 7

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Catelyn I
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Catelyn
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Catelyn II


Robb Stark is wearing his newly forged crown, and has Ser Cleos Frey brought before him. He tells Ser Cleos that he intends to send him as messenger to King's Landing with a peace offer. Robb informs him that he will not be granted freedom because he chose to fight for the Lannisters, even though his grandfather pledged Robb his support. As Robb begins to list the conditions of the peace offer, Lord Rickard Karstark silently leaves the room. Robb’s proposal is obviously going to be rejected, as it is too harsh, all in the favor of the Starks. Afterwards, Ser Edmure Tully tells Robb that they should be marching on Harrenhal, not offering peace. Robb tells him they lack the strength. Catelyn had told Robb that he should have offered sweeter terms, but it was all she could do just to convince him to make this offer. Robb tells his mother she should return to Winterfell, that she could travel with Theon Greyjoy to Seagard and then take ship home. Catelyn warns Robb not to send Theon as envoy to treat with his father, because Balon Greyjoy would be more likely to yield his longships to Robb if they kept Theon as hostage. She warns him that Balon Greyjoy is not a man to be trusted, and he may aspire to wear a crown again.

Robb dismisses his mother, stating his decision about sending Theon is final. Catelyn meets her uncle, Brynden Tully, at her father’s bedside, and learns that he has made peace with his brother. Catelyn tells him that the Greatjon says the Old Gods have unfurled a red flag of vengeance for Ned, and Edmure believes the comet is an omen of victory for Riverrun, but she is not convinced. The Blackfish claims it represents blood, and when Catelyn asks whose blood, theirs’ or their enemies’, her uncle says, "Was there ever a war where only one side bled?" Ser Brynden has dire tidings of the war, and reveals that the river lords are losing. He tells her that Ser Gregor Clegane crushed the Darry castle and killed the lord who was only a child, the last of the Darry line. Ser Brynden warns that Lord Tywin Lannister seeks to provoke them to battle, by butchering innocents and eating their harvest while he waits secure in Harrenhal. He reveals that Ser Stafford Lannister is raising another army at Casterly Rock. Catelyn suggests that if Lord Tywin had to leave Harrenhal to face another threat, they could meet him on fair ground. Her uncle picks up her meaning, that someone should go to treat with King Renly.

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