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Following the departuree of Stannis's host, Castle Black is in a quiescent state, with the exception of the training yard. Although Stannis had vacated Mormont's former chambers in King's Tower, Jon does not move in, knowing that others may misconstrue the move as he did not expect Stannis to return. Against Bowan Marsh's wishes, Jon accompanies a line of wagons under armed escort to deliver food to the wildlings taking refuge underground at Mole's Town. As he noticed several faces carved into various trees along the road, he came to realize that the wildlings may have bent the knee to Stannis and feigned to embrace the Lord of Light, but in their hearts they will never abandon the Old Gods. A riot nearly broke out as the Jon's men deliever rations to the wildlings, with many complaining of the lack of food they receive. Jon promised the wildings adequate food, shelter, and weapons if they help the Night's Watch defend the Wall, informing them that they have only one choice; work with the Watch, or face the Others alone. In spite of their misgivings, many wildlings agree to join, children, spearwives, and fighters alike, including Halleck, the brother of Harma Dogshead. However, Sigorn and the rest of the Thenns refused the offer. When the rations were all delievered, the wagons were loaded with wildings numbered at 63 heading back to the wall. Jon remembered something Mance Rayder had told him, that the wildlings follow strength, they follow the man.

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