A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 25

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The Windblown
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Quentyn Martell
Place Slaver's Bay
Page 320 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
The Merchant's Man
The Lost Lord  ← The Windblown →  The Wayward Bride

The Spurned Suitor


Quentyn Martell and his two companions have joined the Windblown, a sellsword company of two thousand people[1] led by a Pentoshi noble known as the Tattered Prince, under false names. Quentyn has assumed the name "Frog", Gerris Drinkwater now goes by "Dornish Gerrold" or "Drink", and Archibald Yronwood is now "Greenguts". Their goal is to reach Slaver's Bay and eventually Daenerys Targaryen in Meereen without drawing too much danger or attention, although they keep that a secret from their colleagues.

The company was paid for by Yunkai to fight and kill the Butcher King's successors in Astapor, where they are currently mounted, three miles away from the gates. There they faced Astapor's still-untrained new Unsullied, far less formidable than those that Daenerys has with her in Meereen.[2]

"Frog" learns that the Windblown are going to Yunkai for provisions before marching for Meereen to fight Daenerys' forces. While they prepare to leave, he learns many malicious and fearful rumors about Daenerys' past and present, some of them more grounded in truth than others.[1]

On the way to Meereen, the Tattered Prince receives instructions from Yunkai to hunt the Astapori survivors that have left the ruins of Astapor and drive them away from Yunkai, either back to Astapor or further north to Meereen. It is believed that about half of those survivors are carriers of the bloody flux. The Windblown will fight side by side with the Company of the Cat, another group of sellswords that has fought against them in the past.

The leader of the company has however decided to play both sides, and selects a group of Westerosi men, including Quentyn and his companions, to make for Meereen and contact either the Second Sons or the Stormcrows, offering to defect to Dany. He selects Pretty Meris to command that group and suggests believable justifications for their decision to turn cloak. The group will have to be careful to avoid retaliation from the Company of the Cat or of the Long Lances who know nothing of their plans and might not approve or care if they knew.

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