A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 3

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A Dance with Dragons chapter
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In Jon's dream he is behind the eyes of his direwolf, Ghost, hunting alongside the wall. In the dream Ghost is aware of the presence of Nymeria, Shaggydog and Summer. Awakened from the dream by Jeor Mormont's raven, he reflects that Ghost knows that Grey Wind is dead, but his other brothers' wolves are still alive. His wolf dreams are becoming more vivid and more frequent, and he wonders if part of Bran and Rickon survive in their wolves.

As Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Jon heads off to treat with King Stannis. In the yard he gives advice to sparring recruits and is stopped by Ser Godry Farring, one of Stannis' knights, and challenged to a duel. He ignores the challenge and bumps into Samwell Tarly before finally arriving at the King's Tower where Stannis has taken up residence.

Stannis has been unsuccessful in seeking allegiance from the lords of the North; the latest rejection letter is from Lyanna Mormont. So far, the only house to have declared for him is House Karstark. Stannis asks for gold from the Night's Watch to pay off Salladhor Saan. Jon recommends he take White Harbor for that, but Stannis dismisses its lord, Wyman Manderly, as fat and useless. With wildling refugees streaming still seeking shelter south of the wall, they discuss Mance Rayder, whom Stannis intends to burn as a deserter, his wife's sister Val, and his child. Jon mentions that Gilly is acting as wet nurse for her own child and Mance's, and that he plans to send her and her babe away south. Stannis approves, seeing Gilly's child as an abomination born of incest.

Stannis is demanding lands and castles from the Night's Watch. Jon has already ceded land in The Gift, and refuses to let him have the castles. He offers instead to have his own officers man the abandoned forts, to command Stannis' men as a garrison. Stannis grumbles and threatens Jon before allowing him to leave. Melisandre, the priestess of R'hllor, follows Jon out from the meeting. Jon is wary of her but she warns him not to refuse her friendship, saying that she has seen him in her visions. Underneath the Wall, she tells him to be wary of foes behind his back and daggers in the dark.