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A Dance with Dragons chapter
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Queen Selyse arrives at Castle Black with Shireen, Patchface, Axell Florent, and others, all on their way to the Nightfort. They are accompanied by Tycho Nestoris, an emissary of the Iron Bank of Braavos. Jon warns Selyse that the Nightfort is still mostly in ruins and advises that they may be most comfortable at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.

The queen says that they are not safe there and insists on going to the Nightfort. then Wun Wun appears, startling the ladies. The giant speaks a few kind words, but mangles them. Jon tells the women he is only just learning the Common Tongue as all giants speak the Old Tongue. Wun Wun's laugh startles and frightens the group, causing Ser Patrek to draw his sword. Jon warns him to never draw his sword against a giant as he is protected by guest rights here, which Jon says they still honor in the north, though he stabs that the south may not.

Jon then offers to give Tycho a tour atop the Wall, but Tycho prefers to speak with Jon now, preferably in a warm room. Tycho tells Jon that Iron Throne has ceased all debt payments to the Iron Bank.[1] Jon thinks this must be madness on the part of the Lannisters. Jon thinks that the Iron Bank may want to support Stannis in his war to ensure that the debt is eventually payed. Jon asks for a favour: to borrow ships and for a loan to keep the Night's Watch fed until spring. Tycho says this is impossible, but after a few hours of drinking and haggling they strike a deal.

With the three ships added to the Eastwatch fleet, Jon counts that there are eleven ships there now. He hopes to bring the wildlings down from Hardhome around the wall in order to save them and not have them join the numbers of The Others. However, he is unsure if Mother Mole will be desperate enough to trust her people to the men of the Night's Watch.

He discusses further with Tycho, talk of Dragons, and a fleet further from the east, joking that a dragon would warm things up. Tycho says sternly that his people fled the dragons and do not joke lightly about such, to which Jon apologizes. They make their way to go eat where Axell Florent asks Jon if he can see Val, Jon surmises that he must know the woman is gone. He then excuses himself and leaves, pondering to himself the dangers of the agreement he made with Tycho. But knows between being bankrupt and dead that he made the right choice

He leaves to sleep when he is awoken by Mully who tells him that a girl has arrived on a dying horse. Jon's thoughts instantly go to Melisandre's vision and he giddily believes that Arya may have come to him as prophesied. When he meets her he sees that she is not Arya but Alys Karstark, she warns him not to let Cregan Karstark take her back with him when he arrives. She asks if there is still a blood-feud between them after the death of her father, he says that men of the night's watch hold no grudges. She tells him that she and her brother Harry are the rightful heirs to their titles. Her father was a brooding man, and her uncles is no better. She reveals that the Karstarks are playing Stannis false, they are going to betray them, and he is marching to his death.

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  1. It happened in A Feast for Crows, Chapter 17, Cersei; another emissary from the Iron Bank appealed unssuccesfully on this decision in Chapter 24, which is therefore likely to fit chronologically before this one