A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 55

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The Queensguard
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Barristan Selmy
Place Meereen
Page 730 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
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The Discarded Knight


Daenerys has not returned, many fear her dead. The Dothraki are searching for her across the Worm River. Strong Belwas is still in mortal danger from the poisoned locusts that he ate during the reopening of the fighting pits,[1] and Ser Barristan Selmy does not trust the Blue Graces that are taking care of him now. Jhogo, Daario Naharis, Admiral Groleo, and Hero of the Unsullied all remain prisoners of the Yunkai'i.[2]

Ser Barristan is told by Hizdahr zo Loraq's seneschal Reznak mo Reznak that Hizdahr wishes to receive his Yunkish guests without Barristan there, essentially removing the duties of the head of the Queensguard. Of all of Dany's servants, only Missandei remains within the royal apartments, although she too has been replaced.

The Unsullied have been slighted by Hizdahr, and the Shavepates might well be more loyal to Skahaz mo Kandaq than to Hizdahr, so the king lets himself be defended by pit fighters while he prepares for the peace discussions with the Yunkai'i.[3]

Meanwhile, disease[4] has spread throughout Meereen, both in the city itself and among the Yunkishmen camped outside it, despite the best of Dany's earlier efforts. Due to this, the streets are extremely quiet. Barristan is in a depressed and reflective state, wondering how he got here, how he lost Dany like he lost her father and brother, as well as King Robert. He remembers how he ran too slowly after Dany, pondering if Daario would have run faster. As Drogon took to the air with Dany on his back, spears and crossbow bolts were targeted at him, wounding him. In reply, he loosed his fire upon them, killing two hundred and fourteen people and wounding three times as many.[5] Rumor has it that the Yunkai'i sieging Meereen have mounted scorpions around the city in an attempt at slaying Drogon should he return.[6]

As he thinks that she may be flying home, Missandei appears behind him. She tells him that Dany would not leave without them. She also says that Skahaz mo Kandaq the Shavepate wishes to meet with him, secretly. Barristan agrees to a meeting at the stables at sunset. There, the Shavepate says that the Sons of the Harpy poisoned the locusts that Belwas ate, intending to kill Dany, that Volantis has dispatched its fleet, and that Hizdahr means to open Meereen's gates for them.

Skahaz asks him to speak to Grey Worm, as he will trust Barristan and support them. Selmy agrees to conspire with the Shavepate against Hizdahr, and to attack the unsuspecting Yunkai'i before the fleet from Volantis can arrive to take the city and enslave all Dany's people. He does this on the condition that Hizdahr's guilt can be proven and Barristan thinks to himself that he will kill the man personally. Barristan says that he will go speak to Grey Worm.

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