A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 58

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Tormund Giantsbane along with over three thousand wildlings pass the Wall at Castle Black. The price of their entry, which was negotiated between Jon and Tormund, was that the Wildlings would yield all valuables so that they could be sold for food, as well as one hundred boys as hostages. Tormund voluntarily included his own son as a hostage as a sign of good faith.

Cotter Pyke sends word that he is stranded at Hardhome, and calls for help. He also reveals that the Bravosi captains on loan from Tychos would only allow Wildling women and children aboard their ships, and that the Woods Witch has taken to calling them slavers. This explains Arya's report that the Wildlings from Hardhome had been captured by slavers, as narrated in "The Blind Girl".

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