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The Kingbreaker
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The Queen's Hand


Groleo – by UrukkiSaki ©

Ser Barristan meets with Skahaz mo Kandaq again, and they go through with their plan to seize Hizdahr and the city, and have it ruled by a council until Dany's return. They decide that their word for going ahead with the plan will be "Groleo," in reference to the hostage that was slain by the Yunkai.

For the rest of the day, Barristan makes his rounds about the pyramid and trains with his boys. He thinks to himself that some of them might be ready for knighthood soon. However, as he wrestles with what he is planning to do that night, he decides it would be worse for the boys if they were knighted by an knight without honour. He lectures the boys about honor and thinks that someday maybe they will understand.

During the night, Ser Barristan defeats the pit fighter Khrazz who guards the king, and means to take Hizdahr to a cell, having cornered the king into having no way to deny that he was involved in the poisoned locusts that almost killed the queen. Then, a cup bearer informs them that the dragons (Viserion and Rhaegal) have been loosed upon the city.

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