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The Queen's Hand
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Ser Ser Barristan looks a smouldering Meereen - by Marc Fishman ©

Quentyn Martell is dead. Ser Barristan is now the Queen's Hand, as head of a council ruling the city. Barristan sent the Green Grace Galazza Galare to treat with the Yunkai'i, and make them release the hostages. Barristan does not expect them to comply, so he makes preparations for an attack on them, and sends the two Dornishmen Archibald Yronwood and Gerris Drinkwater and the other captives of the Windblown company back to the Tattered Prince and his company, hoping that they will convince the Prince to free and protect the hostages during the attack.

The Green Grace returns, telling Barristan that the Yunkai'i have refused his offer, and that the only price they will accept is the death of the dragons. As they speak, Shavepate runs in and tells them that the six trebuchets have begun flinging not rocks, but corpses into Meereen.

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