A Feast for Crows-Chapter 16

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Jaime II
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Jaime
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An honor procession flanks Lord Tywin's casket as it heads west, led by many of the Lannister bannermen.[1] Jaime falls in with his uncle Kevan, and they discuss the attack on Saltpans. Jaime cautions his uncle not to try and take on Sandor Clegane or Beric Dondarrion, and that he would have made a good Hand. Kevan rejects him coolly, and lets Jaime know he knows about the relationship of the twins.

As Jaime returns to King's Landing, he looks upon the encamped Lannister army, which will soon board the Redwynes' fleet to lay siege to Dragonstone. He finds his sister in her solar as Grand Maester Pycelle delivers news that Ser Bronn has named Lollys's bastard newborn "Tyrion". Jaime realizes that his sister may try to have Bronn killed for this jape, and he recalls the look on her face the night of Tommen's wedding when the Tower of the Hand was aflame. This called to mind the madness of King Aerys and the way he would become arosed by fire. Jaime recalls Aerys' rape of his wife the evening he had Lord Chelsted burned alive. Jaime had the guard of the queen's bedchamber when she was screaming at her husband. When Jaime said that they were sworn to protect her too, his partner that night, Ser Jonothor Darry, said, "We are, but not from him."

Jaime asks to speak with Cersei alone, and asks her why she keeps Lady Taena around all the time, knowing that she is a spy for Margaery. Cersei responds that Taena is more her spy, considering that the Queen Regent can do more for the Merryweather family. Jaime cautions that she doesn't truly know the woman, but Cersei remarks that she may make Taena's husband the Hand. After Jaime asks her about the rumor that she plans to name Aurane Waters her new master of ships, he recommends that she would be better off naming Paxter Redwyne. But Cersei will not put any Tyrells vassals on her small council. Cersie also defends her choice of Qyburn, a digraced and twisted maester, to join the council. Cersei's growing paranoia and brutality are becoming more evident and Jaime retorts, "You are seeing dwarves in every shadow and making foes of friends. Uncle Kevan is not your enemy. I am not your enemy." However, Cersei throws him out of her solar in fury.

In the White Sword Tower, Jaime speaks with Loras Tyrell, asking him what he knew of certain famous kingsguard. Ser Loras is well-versed, but when the Lord Commander mentions some lesser-known kKngsguard, the Knight of Flowers does not recognize their names. Jaime points out that all of them served well, perhaps even better than the famous knights. Loras remarks that the great Kingsguard knights will always be remembered as heroes, but Jaime reminds him that the most infamous will also be remembered. And then there are those who aren't easily classified, of which he offers as an example Criston Cole, the Kingmaker.

References and Notes

  1. The sigils mentioned match Houses Crakehall, Lydden, Bettley, Sarsfield, Prester, Yarwyck, Stackspear, Myatt, Turnberry, Hamell and Kenning
  • Near the end of his conversation with Cersei, Jaime thinks a line that is likely the source for the book's name: The crows will feast upon us all if you go on this way, sweet sister
  • The synopsis was copied from Aol member vbkorik27 previously at[1]