A Feast for Crows-Chapter 20

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Brienne IV
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Brienne
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Brienne V


On the way to the cove where Nimble Dick had led the fool and his two companions, Pod catches Dick looking through Brienne's saddlebags. She had known something like this might happen, and had warned Pod to keep an eye on him. But having no recourse but to follow him, they continue on their path to Crackclaw Point. Dick tells them some of the history of the region, to pass the monotony of their journey. Brienne's mistrust of Dick has made him take notice, and she considers how easy it is for her to suspect others, after the mistreatments she had suffered in her life. She remembers getting her revenge on several of her false suitors during the mêlée at Bitterbridge, but this had done little to stay her natural distrust.

As they pass the Dyre Den, Lord Brune's castle, Pod takes note of a rider a couple miles behind them. When Brienne learns that Dick may have known Lord Brune, she considers the possibility that Dick was a deserter from the war. After passing through many a treacherous bog and forest, they finally arrive at the ruins of the Whispers. Brienne commands Pod to watch their horses, as she and Dick investigate the ruins. When they find a recently put-out cookfire, Brienne realizes their quarry is still around.

The trap is soon sprung, and the fool turns out to be Shagwell of the Bloody Mummers. Shagwell kills Nimble Dick with his brutal morningstar, then informs Brienne that Urswyck had rode south to Oldtown with some of the Mummers, while Rorge had headed for Saltpans. He also reveals a rumor that the "daughter of Lord Stark" had last been seen with Sandor Clegane.

When Shagwell's two companions attack, Brienne's strength and size are too much for Pyg and Timeon, who fall quickly to her strokes with Oathkeeper. Squaring off against Shagwell, the Fool is struck in the head by a stone thrown by Podrick. Brienne forces the Fool to dig a grave for Dick, but upon completion of it, the former Brave Companion attacks her. She quickly dispatches him as well, and then she is surprised to hear a laugh from the ruined wall. It is Ser Hyle Hunt, who was the rider Pod had spied, sent by Randyll Tarly to stay at Brienne's side in the off chance that she finds Sansa.

References and Notes

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