A Feast for Crows-Chapter 38

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Jaime VI
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Jaime
Place Riverrun
Page 561 UK HC (Other versions)
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Jaime VII


Ser Jaime and Ser Brynden face each other across the drawbridge to Riverrun, alone for a parley. The Blackfish is aware of the oath Jaime swore to Catelyn, but the member of the Kingsguard makes it known he does not have the Stark girls. He offers Edmure Tully in exchange for Lady Sybell Spicer and her children, but Brynden refuses, telling him he swore to keep her safe.

The Blackfish also makes it clear that he believes Lord Tywin had a hand in the Red Wedding, though that will never absolve the Freys for their breach of the sacred laws of hospitality. Jaime challenges the older knight to single combat, with each choosing a champion. When Brynden prods Jaime to face him himself, Jaime cannot help but rise to the bait. But the Blackfish is not so foolish as to trust that Jaime's terms would be honored. The parley over, Jaime rides back to his camp and calls his captains for a war council, resolved that he must break his vow to Lady Catelyn and storm Riverrun.

The lords of the Riverlands who have bent the knee to the Iron Throne do not tolerate the Freys' presence at the war council. Ser Ryman is too drunk to attend, but Edwyn and Bastard Walder are present. When confronted by Lord Piper as to the condition of his son, Ser Marq, Edwyn replies that he is still being held at the Twins to ensure that Pinkmaiden is truly loyal to the Iron Throne. When Bastard Walder and Lord Clement nearly come to blows, Jaime silences them, ending the council prematurely.

Summoning Ser Ilyn and Ser Lyle Crakehall, Jaime heads straight for the Frey camp. He first has Payne cut loose Edmure Tully, and when Edwyn and his father Ser Ryman come forth to protest, he warns them to keep quiet. When Ser Ryman persists, stating that he is the heir to the Crossing, Jaime punches him in the face with his golden hand. He then dismisses Ser Ryman back to the Twins, sick of the man's whoring and drinking, and takes the bladed crown that his whore wears. When Jaime places Edwyn in charge of the Freys, we get a glimpse of the contempt the man feels for his own father. Jaime also demands that Lord Walder release all the hostages that he has imprisoned at the Twins.

Jaime asks that Ser Ryman's singer accompany him back to his pavilion, and has his squires draw a bath for Edmure. Jaime informs Edmure that he will be returned to Riverrun forthwith, and if he yields the castle, all will end well for him.

The terms are that the smallfolk can stay and serve Lord Emmon Frey, Ser Brynden will be permitted to take the black, and Edmure and his pregnant wife Roslin will be well-treated prisoners at Casterly Rock.

When Edmure asks what will happen should he refuse to yield, Ser Jaime indicates that he will assault Riverrun's walls in waves, sending the ex-Tully bannermen first as fodder, then the Freys, and finally his cousin Daven's westermen, and he would demolish Riverrun and all within. As Jaime leaves the tent, commanding Ryman's singer to play the 'Rains of Castamere' for Edmure, the former Lord of Riverrun pleads, "No. Not him. Get him away from me."

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