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Arya II
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Sansa and Arya quarrel at dinner until they are silenced by their father. Arya thinks about Winterfell. She misses her brothers and she hates King's Landing. The Hound had killed Mycah and nobody had said anything about it. Arya wants to go to her room but Septa Mordane does not allow it. This is more that she can take. She yells at the septa, runs to her room and locks the door.

Finally her father comes to her. He discovers Needle and asks how she got it. Arya does not want to tell that Jon gave it to her so she remains silent which her father accepts. Ned is more sad then angry. He tells Arya she reminds him of his sister, Lyanna. Lyanna was willfull too and would have carried a sword if their father had allowed it. Ned even remarks that Arya even looks like her, a remark that surprises Arya, since her aunt Lyanna was always described as beautiful, a term that has never been applied to Arya. But the wild and willfull streak that Lyanna and their brother Brandon Stark shared brought them nothing but an early grave.

Ned asks Arya if she even knows how to use the sword; Arya replies with the advice Jon gave her-'Stick 'em with the pointy end' and sadly adds she asked Mycah to practice with her; it swiftly becomes apparent that she blames herself for his death. Ned comforts Arya, and tells his daughter she is not to blame for what happened.

Ned says that enemies threaten the Starks so they have to stick together like a pack of wolves. Arya thinks of Nymeria who she had to drive off with stones. Ned asks her to stop quarrelling with her sister and Septa Mordane. Arya promises to do so.

The next day after breakfast Arya is sent to the Small Hall. She meets Syrio Forel, a former First Sword of Braavos, who has been hired by Eddard to train Arya in the ways of the Water Dancer, the sword fighting style of Braavos.

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