A Game of Thrones-Chapter 24

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A Game of Thrones
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Bran is watching Rickon play with the wolves from his window. Old Nan is trying to tell Bran a story, but he is upset by his inability to walk. When Nan starts to tell Bran a story about the Others, he listens intently. Thousands of years ago, a winter fell like no other, and there came a night that lasted a generation. The Others came during that winter, and they hated fire, iron and the touch of the sun. This was before the Andals had come, and before the women of Rhoynar, when the First Men lived in the lands they had taken from the children of the forest. The Others had slaughtered many, and couldn’t be stopped, so the last hero of the First Men set out to find the children. He left with his sword, a dog, his horse and twelve companions. When only he was left, in despair of ever finding the Children, the Others closed in.

But Old Nan’s story is interrupted by Maester Luwin. Bran’s presence is needed in the Great Hall to greet Tyrion Lannister, down from the Wall. Robb is hostile to Tyrion, but the dwarf has drawn up plans for a saddle for Bran, true to his word to Jon. While they are examining the sketch, the boys’ three direwolves enter and start growling at Tyrion. Theon says "The wolves do not like your smell, Lannister". The wolves assault Tyrion, but are called off in time by the boys. Tyrion declines Robb and Maester Luwin’s invitation to stay at Winterfell. That evening, Robb and Bran host Yoren for dinner, and the black brother brings dire tidings of Benjen Stark. He says that Benjen is probably dead. Bran believes that uncle Benjen will be saved by the children of the forest. Maester Luwin tells him the children have been dead for thousands of years, but Yoren disagrees, saying that in the north, beyond the Wall, who’s to say what lives?

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