A Game of Thrones-Chapter 49

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Eddard XIV
A Game of Thrones chapter
POV Eddard
Page 437 US HC (Other versions)
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Eddard XIII
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Eddard XV


Ned has convened the Small Council right after hearing that King Robert had died. He learns to his dismay that Lord Renly has left the city, along with Ser Loras and all their retainers. Ned had counted on Renly’s support. He has Ser Barristan read the King’s writ naming Ned Protector of the Realm, but the King’s steward arrives telling them that King Joffrey and the Queen command their presence in the throne room. Ned knew Cersei would strike, but not so fast.

The small council arrives before the throne, and Ned has Varys deliver the King’s writ to Cersei. The Queen tears it up, saying the realm has a new King now. She tells Ned to bend the knee before Joffrey and he’ll be allowed to return to Winterfell. Ned then states that Joffrey has no right to the throne and that Stannis is the true heir. When swords are drawn, Ned tells Janos Slynt to have his Gold Cloaks take the Queen and her children into custody. But the City Watch turn on Ned’s men, killing them. Littlefinger takes the dagger from Ned’s belt and holds it to his throat, telling him, "I did warn you not to trust me, you know."

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