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Bran VI
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Bran and Maester Luwin are watching the last of Lord Eddard’s bannermen arrive at Winterfell. The Karstarks are the last to arrive, and they are said to have Stark blood in them, going back hundreds of years. Luwin tells Bran that there are over 12,000 men, but only 300 knights because the North holds to the old gods, and knights are anointed in a sept of the Seven gods. Luwin tells him, "a man’s worth is not marked by a Ser before his name."

Bran has Hodor take him to the godswood, and he prays for his kin before the hearttree. Osha hears him, as she keeps the old gods as well, and tells him they are answering his prayers by the wind in the leaves. Osha translates that the old gods are sad, and that they cannot help his brother in the South, as the old gods have no power there since all the weirwoods were destroyed thousands of years ago. Hodor comes from the hot springs where he was bathing, and Osha points out that he has giant blood in him due to his size. When Bran tells her that Maester Luwin taught him that there are no more giants, Osha tells him that the Maester should ride beyond the Wall. The giants often breed with men beyond the Wall, producing half-breeds. She tells Bran that Robb should be marching his army north, not south, for there are worse things lurking beyond the Wall...

We learn that Mance Rayder, the King-Beyond-the-Walll, was once a sworn brother of the Night's Watch who came from the Shadow Tower. Bran also recalls when the bannermen first began to arrive, how they tested Robb. When Greatjon Umber demanded right to command, he drew his sword against Robb. Grey Wind immediately reacted by biting of two of his fingers. Since the incident, the Greatjon was Robb’s staunchest supporter. Roose Bolton was a man of few words, and according to Old Nan, there is supposedly, still to this day, a room where the men of the Dreadfort hang the skins of their enemies. Bran also knows from his brother that King Robert is dead, and that their lord father has been imprisoned for treason.

Later that night, Bran hosts the Karstarks in the Great Hall. He hears them murmuring about his disability, and he tells Maester Luwin that he wants to be a knight. Luwin tells him that some call his order the knights of the mind, and that Bran could forge his maester’s chain at the Citadel in Oldtown. Bran insists he wants to learn magic, and how to fly, and tells the maester that the Children of the Forest could teach him. Maester Luwin rebuffs him again, assuring him that the Children have been gone for thousands of years. Two days later, Robb and his army leave Winterfell to march south.

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