A Game of Thrones-Chapter 57

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A Game of Thrones
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POV Characters
Tyrion Sansa Eddard
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Sansa attends King Joffrey’s first court session, where the herald reads off the names of all the lords and knights who must bend the knee to him. Most of them are not present and don’t intend to give fealty. Sansa is shunned by others who believe her father a traitor to the crown. Cersei and Janos Slynt are named to the King’s council, and Slynt is raised to lord and granted Harrenhal as his castle. Next, Cersei has Ser Barristan removed from the Kingsguard, but the knight, before leaving the hall, vows he can still cut down the five Kingsguard present, as they don’t even deserve to wear the white cloaks. Ser Jaime is named Lord Commander, and the Hound is given a position with the Kingsguard, the first of the renowned white swords to be elevated to the position even though he is not a knight. Sansa comes forward to beg leniency for her father, and Cersei says that if Ned admits his guilt and swears fealty he will be granted mercy.

References and Notes

  • The synopsis was copied from Aol member vbkorik27 previously at[1]