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Tyrion IX
A Game of Thrones chapter
POV Tyrion
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Lord Tywin and his bannermen have just learned that Ser Jaime has been captured. Tyrion listens as the messenger informs them that Lord Brax was killed and all of Jaime’s host run off or slaughtered, with a Tyroshi sellsword Jaime employed going over to the Starks after the battle. Most of the bannerman are appalled by what happened, and frightened, stating that they must sue for peace. At that, Tyrion shatters his wine cup against a wall, shouting 'there is their peace', lost when his nephew hacked off Eddard Stark’s head. Without Eddard alive, they could not bargain for Ser Jaime in a trade of hostages. Finally, Lord Tywin speaks, saying "they have my son!" and tells his bannermen to leave him, all but Tyrion and Kevan. Tywin agrees with Tyrion that without Eddard they cannot sue for peace with Robb, which would have given them enough time to deal with Renly and Stannis.

Lord Tywin tells them that Varys has heard that Renly has wed Lord Mace Tyrell’s daughter Margaery, and is soon to march upon King's Landing with all the might of Highgarden and Storm's End. Lord Tywin informs them his daughter has commanded him to march to King’s Landing and defend the city. Tywin has no such plans. He also tells them of Varys’s tidings that Stannis is up to something at Dragonstone, that he is building a fleet, hiring sellswords and has employed a shadowbinder from Asshai. Tywin plans to march on Harrenhal and begin burning the Riverlands again. He informs Tyrion that he is sending him to King’s Landing to act as Hand of the King, and clean up the mess Cersei and her fool council created. He rants about the raising of Janos Slynt to lord and granting him Harrenhal, and that the fool will never set foot in the great castle. He is also enraged about the dishonoring of Ser Barristan Selmy, and tells Tyrion that he must control the boy if Cersei cannot. When Tyrion asks his father why he is sending him, Tywin replies, "You are my son." Tyrion knows that his father now has given up Jaime for dead, and hates him for it. Lord Tywin leaves off by warning Tyrion not to take his whore to court with him.

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