A Storm of Swords-Chapter 53

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Tyrion VI
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Tyrion
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Tyrion VII


Tyrion joins his father and sister in the Hand’s solar, and learns that Robb Stark is dead. Lord Tywin had orchestrated much of what transpired at the Red Wedding when he was penning those letters. Tyrion knows that the Blackfish, now castellan at Riverrun, will not move while his nephew is held hostage at the Twins. Tywin is planning to grant the Riverland and Northern nobles who surrender generous terms but Joffrey disagrees and wants them all killed. The boy king then mocks his own grandfather, calling Lord Tywin a coward for hiding at Casterly Rock while his father won the war at the Trident. Tywin dismisses the king, and then warns Cersei that the boy "requires a sharp lesson" before sending her off as well.

They talk about Prince Oberyn and the death of Elia Martell and her children. Before the Sack of King's Landing Tywin had commanded his knights to kill the children although he had said nothing of Elia. In the end Amory Lorch killed Rhaenys and Gregor Clegane killed Aegon and Elia. As Clegane is too useful to him he plans to lay the blame at Amory Lorch who has already been killed.

Lord Tywin reveals that both Robb and Catelyn were killed at the feast table while they had guest right, and he tells Tyrion, "The blood is on Walder Frey’s hands, not mine." The crown will grant Riverrun to Emmon Frey, and several Lannister cousins will wed daughters of Lord Walder. Roose Bolton will become Warden of the North and gets Arya Stark, but when Tyrion questions him, the Hand will not reveal what he means.

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  • The synopsis was copied from AOL member vbkorik27 previously at [1].