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Tyrion VI
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Tyrion
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Tyrion VII


Tyrion joins his father and sister in the Hand’s solar, and learns that Robb Stark is dead. Lord Tywin had orchestrated much of what transpired at the Red Wedding when he was penning those letters. Tyrion knows that the Blackfish, now castellan at Riverrun, will not move while his nephew is held hostage at the Twins. Tywin is planning to grant the Riverland and Northern nobles who surrender generous terms but Joffrey disagrees and wants them all killed, also demanding Robb Stark's head from the Freys so he can go through with his threat to present it to Sansa. Kevan Lannister and Tyrion are disgusted by this, Tyrion going so far as to call his nephew 'a monster' and stating Sansa is no longer Joffrey's to torment, but when Joffrey and Cersei take offence at the insult, Tywin interjects, telling his grandson that treating one's enemies brutally when they plead for mercy will only cause further problems, as Aerys learned to his cost. However, instead of heeding Tywin's advice, the boy king mocks his own grandfather, calling Lord Tywin a coward for hiding at Casterly Rock while his father won the war at the Trident. Tywin dismisses the king, and then warns Cersei that the boy "requires a sharp lesson" before sending her off as well. Tywin remarks that he 'did not fight a war to seat Robert the Second on the Iron Throne' but Tyrion counters his nephew is not 'Robert the Second. Aerys the Third'; despite remembering his own "sharp lesson", Tyrion agrees no one deserves such more than Joffrey.

The pair discuss the Red Wedding further; Tyrion is angry about being left in the dark, but Tywin defends his actions, stating that no-one was told beyond those who were involved, and even they were told no more than they needed to know. As for Cersei and Tyrion, Tywin states he didn't tell them because he felt he couldn't trust them to keep their mouths shut. The discussion moves on to Prince Oberyn and the death of Elia Martell and her children. Before the Sack of King's Landing Tywin had commanded his knights to kill the children, intending to secure the Iron Throne for Robert, as well as proving House Lannister's loyalty to the new king, although he had said nothing of Elia. Tywin claims that at the time, the Dornish princess was not his greatest concern; he was more worried of coming to battle with Eddard Stark, who was leading Robert's army south from the Trident, and his fear either Jaime would do something stupid or Aerys would kill him out of spite; Tywin also insists that he had no idea then what kind of monster he commanded in the form of Gregor Clegane. In the end Amory Lorch killed Rhaenys and Clegane killed Aegon and Elia, since Tywin didn't give specific orders she should be spared. As Clegane is too useful to him, he plans to lay the blame at the feet of Amory Lorch, who is already dead.

Lord Tywin reveals that both Robb and Catelyn Stark were killed at the feast table while they had guest right, and insists "The blood is on Walder Frey’s hands, not mine". Tyrion retorts that Frey would never have gone through with the murders without the promise of Tywin's protection, but Tywin replies that refusing Frey would have sent him back to Robb Stark's side and only prolonged the war. The crown will grant Riverrun to Emmon Frey, and several Lannister cousins will wed daughters of Lord Walder. Roose Bolton will become Warden of the North and gets Arya Stark to wed to his bastard, but when Tyrion questions him, arguing that Varys and Jacelyn Bywater never found Arya and the girl is surely dead, the Hand will not reveal what he means.

Tywin concludes that the Boltons will bring the rest of the Northern Houses to heel by spring and that once that is done, the north will go to Tyrion's son by Sansa...assuming he ever sires one. At this insult, Tyrion angrily asks his father whether he expects Sansa will be more fertile before or after she finds out the Lannisters murdered her mother and brother.

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