A Storm of Swords-Chapter 59

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A Storm of Swords
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Sansa has learned from Tyrion the fate of her brother and mother at the Red Wedding. She and her husband join many other guests at the Queen’s Ballroom to give Joffrey his wedding gifts. It is a new year, the 300th since Aegon's Conquest, and Joffrey’s wedding is that night. Tyrion presents his nephew with a copy of Grand Maester Kaeth’s Lives of Four Kings, one of only four copies in existence written by Kaeth himself. Kevan tells the King, "A book every king should read." But Joffrey is disappointed in the gift, and hacks the book in half with the Valyrian sword his grandfather had just given him. When Joffrey states that he is no stranger to Valyrian steel, Tyrion realizes that it was Joffrey who sent the assassin to kill Bran.

Later, back in their rooms, Sansa tells Tyrion that she would rather not know how Robb and her mother had perished, and Tyrion promises that he will say no more.

References and Notes

  • The synopsis was copied from Aol member vbkorik27 previously at[1]