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{{Infobox Chapter ASoS
{{Infobox Chapter ASoS
| pov = [[Bran Stark|Bran]]
| pov = [[Bran Stark|Bran]]
| place        = [[Wolfswood]] - [[Tumbledown Tower]]
| title = Bran I
| title = Bran I
| page = 100
| page = 100

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Bran I
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Bran
Place Wolfswood - Tumbledown Tower
Page 100 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
Daenerys I  ← Bran I →  Davos II

Bran II


While hiding in the Tumbledown Tower, Bran gains the ability to open his third eye at will, and become Summer. Jojen again warns him not to spend too much time as Summer, neglecting his body and forgetting what he should do when in contact with his direwolf. They have been traveling north; staying away from civilization for fear that Bran might be seen, especially by the ironmen or Bolton men. Jojen insists they make for the Wall so that Bran can find the three-eyed crow, because Jojen can teach him no more.

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