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Our wiki's image/picture project! Simply put we do not have enough images/pictures, so we hope you can contribute and help by adding more of them to characters, locations, or any other article pages that can benefit from it.

How you can help

  1. Look for articles that are of interest to you, alternatively there is a list of Characters without portraits and Houses without COA.
  2. Found some? Great! Find an appropriate artwork with permission that relates to that article or make something yourself!
  3. Download it or scan it to your computer and upload it.
  4. Add the image to the article.

Note: Usually the more Images/pictures the merrier. Still, please exercise discretion, consider giving your next favourite article some attention if it has no images at all.

Picture name

If you upload the picture it will show under the name you will give it, so try to make it as clear and descriptive as possible without making it excessively long. You can find it by browsing the list of images or check out the images portal for a list of artists and their webpages.

Adding images

When editing character pages, if you want to place the picture in the infobox in the right corner, you'll need to place your code in the "| image = " line, for example:

| image = [[File:Jaime Lannister.PNG]]

For additional information on how to place and display images see the help pages.

Pictures we can use

We can use every picture that we have been given permission to use, for example

  • Screenshots from the TV series can be used. Just tag them with {{Copyright tags|type=tv}}.
  • The images on Wikimedia Commons can be used. For instance for picture which locations were use in the TV series.
  • Some artists have given permission for their art to be shown on the wiki. Take note that it must be clear that they remain copyright holder and that acknowledgement is required. This can be shown by adding the "| permission = " line when working with the Copyright tags template, which automatically adds a line of text that displays the written permission you insert. Using the Information and Copyright tags template together and filling them in to completion is the ideal in terms of properly crediting something.
    • Amoka has allowed us to show his art. NB this is only for the portraits which can be found here and the medium heigh version (not the enlarged).
    • On the Winterfell website M.Luisa Giliberti allows other to show the art if acknowledged and a link is include.
    • Fantasy Flight Games allow for images which have been used from their series to be published on the wiki, discounting the game cards themselves.
    • A number of other artists have allowed us to show some of their art. This was usually on a case by case bases; for a number of images.
    • Do not hesitate to add other sources

How to upload

  • Go to Special:Upload.
  • Select the image with browse (you need to have saved the image locally).
  • Enter the Destination filename: (usually the filename).
  • Enter in the Summary field information about the content including the appropriate Template:Copyright tags. You can edit the image description at a later time if necessary.