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[[fr:Aerys I Targaryen]]
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Aerys I
Biographical Information
Reign 209 AL - 221 AL
Full Name Aerys of House Targaryen the First of his Name
Titles King of the Seven Kingdoms
Born in 171 AL [1]
Died in 221 AL
Royal House House Targaryen
Predecessor Daeron II
Heir Prince Rhaegel Targaryen
Maekar I
Successor Maekar I
Queen Aelinor Targaryen
Issue none
Father Daeron II
Mother Myriah Martell

Aerys I was a king of the Seven Kingdoms and head of House Targaryen. He succeeded his father, Daeron II.


Aerys Targaryen was the second son of Daeron II and Myriah Martell. He was very much interested in books like his father. After the death of his father and his nephews Valarys and Matarys (sons of his elder brother Baelor Breakspear) in the Great Spring Sickness (209 AL) Aerys became king. The plague continued some time under his rule.

He appointed his uncle Brynden Rivers as Hand and let him rule while he occupied himself with the study of books and lore.[2] Because his marriage with his sister Aelinor was childless, he was succeded in 221 AL by his brother Maekar I. During his reign, the realm suffered a great drought. It was widely held that travel was less safe during the reign of Aerys than under his his brother, Daeron's.[3]


According to semi-canon sources, Aerys was bookish. He is spindly and stooped, with long, straight hair. He had a long, thin face, a long, thin mustache and a long pointed beard. He wore the crown of Aegon IV. [4] On his coinage, he was depicted with a beard.[5]

References and Sources