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Chataya and Alayaya by Amoka©
Chataya and Alayaya by Amoka©

Race Summer Islands
Born In 283 AL, at King's Landing
Book(s) A Clash of Kings (Appears)
A Storm of Swords (Mentioned)

Alayaya, sometimes called Yaya, is a prostitute working in King's Landing at the whorehouse owned by her mother, Chataya. She was born in King's Landing in 283 AL.[1]


She is a very beautiful young black woman, who speaks the common language with a very light Summer Islands accent. She is taller than Shae but not as tall as her own mother.[2]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Anguy spent the small fortune he had won at the Tourney of the Hand on Jayde, Alayaya and Dancy, girls from Chataya's brothel, roast swan and arbor wine.[3]

A Clash of Kings

Thanks to Varys, who shows him a secret passage between a small stable and Chataya's establishment, Tyrion Lannister uses Alayaya as a cover for his nocturnal visits to Shae.[4] She spends this free time pretending to be learning how to read with the Hand of the King. [5] Just before the Battle of the Blackwater, she is abducted by the Kettleblack brothers at Queen Cersei Lannister's demand in order to pressure Tyrion.[6] She is freed afterwards by Tywin Lannister who had her publicly whipped. As an effort to repay her sacrifice and pain, Tyrion gave her some jewels.[7]

A Storm of Swords

After the receiving his new knighthood, Bronn visited Chataya's brothel and slept with Alayaya and Marei simultaneously.[8] Oberyn Martell beds her during his visit of King's Landing.[9]

References and Notes